A Generation After God's Heart


UNASHAMED IMPACT is a non-profit movement organization founded by Brittney Moses on July 27th 2012. The purpose is to unite young believers worldwide to be an example of what it looks like to live a positive lifestyle completely dedicated to Christ. This movement is breaking down the walls between race, denomination, location, background and gathering every soul willing to take a stand to be a light in this world.

Unashamed Impact gives an opportunity that fosters the visions of young leaders and provides the tools they need to grow and create change in their city to their fullest potential. The goal is to gather, equip and send out. We disciple, activate and encourage our city teams  through 4 dynamics: Fellowship, Making an Impact (Social Justice & Community Outreach), Being an Example and Evangelism. We are a ministry/movement outside the four walls of the church bringing hope to those who will not step foot into a church through social media, community events and outreach.

Our social media campaigns are worldwide viral events carried out through our social media networks to bring the body of young believers into unity for a cause or an event, such as:


The Annual Unashamed Impact Conference is a weekend retreat and a life changing event of spiritual deliverance and leadership equipping for young adults from across the nation. We like to think of it more as a family reunion because of the warm, welcoming environment, peer-to-peer building and the intimate hands-on experience with other like minded believers who seek to grow in their Christ calling.



Speak for the Silenced: A worldwide virtual campaign where hundreds of young Christians are not only taking a stand for their faith but strategically raising awareness on the realities of Christian persecution overseas and across the globe while raising funds to assist in the practical needs of these victims. 


LifeChangers: During the Summer - Every Monday night you can expect a message from one of our young leaders encouraging us to live out our faith, an educated series led by one of our expert guest speakers, or simply a time for fellowship and open discussion. We offer a time for Q&A followed by taking prayer requests led by our awesome prayer team.



Our Leadership Team

Brittney Moses | Founder                            at Unashamed Impact and mother to Austin, is a young visionary passionate about seeing this generation follow their God given purpose. In June 2012 she founded this worldwide organization called Unashamed Impact uniting young believers in Christ to rise to their calling and gather to take action in their cities through evangelism and community outreach. She is currently a Psychology Major pursuing the fields of Counseling and Mental Health. 



Dylan Rucker | Leader              at Unashamed Impact, joined the Ministry as a City Rep in 2012. Since then, he's humbly served in every aspect of UI behind the scenes, striving to unify The Body of Christ and encourage Believers from all of the world to walk boldly in their faith. He is currently pursuing a degree as a Cyber Forensics major, while minoring in Organizational Leadership.


Alice Morris

UI Senior Blogger

Alice is a writer at Unashamed Impact. She is an 18 year old English girl living in a small village in Shropshire, and has been a follower of Jesus for about 5 years. Hopefully she will be going to study music at the University of Birmingham in October 2016, and has dreams of working within the Church for her lifetime. Alice is a creative, and this shows in her music, photography, writing, and artistic flair. She thinks God is calling her to worship ministry and evangelizing through speaking and writing, and she longs to share Jesus with as many people as possible from all parts of the world.



Brittany Pashcall

 Women's Ministry Leader

 at Unashamed Impact is a Nashville native who is passionate about seeing the urban church grow and thrive, she especially enjoys ministering to other young women and to athletes. Brittany is currently studying Athletic Training and Urban Ministry at Grand Canyon University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful parents(Glenn and Delta Paschall), her dog Princeton, writing, reading, and organizing. 

Twitter: @brittany_tp

Erica B. Ehiwe

Operations Advisor 

at Unashamed Impact holds a Bachelors of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Studied marketing while attending KSU and plans to pursue her Masters in Integrate Marketing Communications this Fall. This poet, musician, writer, and graphic designer believes God is realigning, and reestablishing, systems to bring forward His purpose. “He has called out a generation and lifted them up as His army to execute His will and establish his supreme rule.”


De’Jonnae Boyd

Dallas Representative

De'Jonnae is a  firm believer in living out the Great Commission. She has a heart for serving God’s people and is intentional about using creativity to do so. She recently received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She is one of the Unashamed Impact Esther's Tribe Women's Ministry Leaders and a Co-Host on the Life Changers Call. De’Jonnae enjoys traveling and seeing people realize their God-given potential. 

Charles Carter

Editor In Chief

Act as Editor-in-Chief, Charles ensures all published content is in accordance with organizational standards and aligned with the organizational mission.

He oversees all UI bloggers to ensure we get quality content published or scheduled on a timely basis.

Tony Young
Technical & Social Media Director

Tony heads up our social media team, as well as handles the technical side of Unashamed Impact; ensuring that the website is up and running, and that all of the accounts that we use on a daily basis are running as they should be.



Jaelen Jones

Dallas Representative 

Jaelen is a passionate believer in Christ who loves to serve others & demonstrate the love of God daily. He is currently studying Sociology/Psychology to become a college advisor. He is a firm believer of stewarding people to their purpose & calling in life. He is a cohost of the Life Changers call, while he finds pleasure in the gathering and edification of fellow believers.

Alex Diaz

UI Dominican Republic Leader

at Unashamed Impact, is a passionate follower of Christ who enjoys serving teenagers and youth. He pursues his Education major in a Dominican university. He holds a Diploma in Youth Ministry by Youth Specialties Institute (Spanish). Not only did Alex launch the Unashamed Impact movement in the Dominican Republic but he's crazy about relational ministry, Bible teaching and evangelism and loves reading,writing articles, singing, and eating out with friends!


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.02.50 AM.png

Collins Oluoch  

UI Kenya Leader

Collins Oluoch is a youth minister from Kenya with a deep passion for serving. Not only did Collins found the Unashamed Impact movement in Kenya but he is influencing our generation through spoken Word, poetry, music and blogging. 

J. "Genesis" Alexander

Dallas Representative

Genesis is a humble follower of Christ Jesus, husband of wife Halley, and servant of the Eternal Kingdom. He is a graphic designer by trade and co-owner of The Genesis Productions, a graphic design and visual arts business unashamed of promoting Christ. Genesis is also a minister in music with song, production and as a Christian Rapper.  He has been a participant of the UI team since 2014 functioning in the roles graphic designer, prayer team, and speaker.  His ultimate goal is to use all gifts and resources to glorify The Provider of them.