A Generation After God's Heart

Geniune Fellowship

Unashamed Impact believes that fellowship plays an essential role in the walk of a Believer. That's why the culture of our GroupMe Chat is open to fun, laid-back conversations about everyday life, so long as the conversation at hand does not cause another brother or sister in-Christ to stumble in their faith. 


Our desire is to see Believers grow in their faith together. We want to foster that growth by challenging them to meet people they've never seen before, and learn to embrace them as a member of the Christian family. We challenge each other's spiritual growth by engaging in daily discussions centered around The Faith, corporate prayer, and the sharing of personal testimonies. 


Love & Respect

We are passionate about cultivating a culture where everyone embraces each other with the love of Christ, and respects each other, despite our differences. We strongly reject the cultural attitude that permits dysfunctional arguments that bear no edifying fruit. Monitored by our leadership team, the Unashamed Impact GroupMe forbids the use of profanity, or any graphic/photo(s) that projects a message in opposition to the Character of Christ. 

Corporate beliefs & Leadership  

The Unashamed Impact leadership team holds strong beliefs regarding the message that The Bible proclaims, and we are passionate about ensuring that all of our community platforms understand and abide by those same beliefs. For more on the corporate beliefs of the Unashamed Impact Organization click HERE.  

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Examples of our daily discussions


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