A Generation After God's Heart

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What is Unashamed Impact?

Unashamed Impact is a youth movement created in July 2012, with the purpose of inspiring young people to live their faith and not ashamed to profess, and also to be an example also suggests our Fundamental Verse "1st Timothy 4:12". Our name comes from Romans 1:16. Unashamed Impact has a presence in several states like Dallas, Florida, Houston, in the US and countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Dominican Republic, etc.


Concentrate massive conference in most cities around the world to be dedicated hearts to Christ. Fraternize with large numbers of people. Take the gospel to the streets. Create different support programs for Christian youth. AGRUPAR + EQUIP + SEND.



Fellowship, evangelism, make an impact and be an example.

We take these points to base our work. UI now positioned as a ministry that helps and reaches out to the needy and also preaches the word differently, and also through our lives as example.

Dominican Republic

We arrived at RD from our first meeting on February 24, 2013, in Guibia. This time under the leadership of several young, current leaders in our country, we began to work. In September, God began to revive us and the meeting "Examples of Change" were challenged to be more for God. Hence UI is invigorated in a dizzying, consolidating his leadership and his team in DR. We have worked in various activities since then as Coastal Cleanup, outreaches avenues, Global Evangelism Day helps needy families, etc. Our young people are from different Christian congregations like our leaders.

For more information or if you want to join, please contact us:
RD@UnashamedImpact.com || Facebook.com/UIDominicanRepublic
Also contact our volunteer coordinator, Nohemy Martinez, Nohemymartinezpsl@hotmail.com