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Speak For The Silenced

Beginning MARCH 1st


Right now over 200 million Christians are persecuted worldwide. Over 170,000 of our brothers and sisters are martyred for their faith each year (The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission). That's over 400 per day. 16 every hour. 1 every 3 minutes.

Unashamed Impact worldwide is dedicating the month of March to focusing on raising awareness and actively supporting the persecuted Christians across the globe. It will all be done strategically and in unity that we may impact the nations with our voices.

Will you stand with us? 


Supporters can partner with us and the persecuted church by participating in any of the following:



1. Get informed by reading and sharing "The Persecuted Church",  a project researched and conducted by our very own Alice Morris.

Alice dives in and uncovers some of the background and current issues involving the Persecuted Church around the world. 

2. Posting one of our graphics as their Facebook, Twitter banner and/or profile pic for the month of August or sharing them with others

3. Using the hashtag #SpeakForTheSilenced on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all throughout the month of August. 

4. Attending the Unashamed Impact Conference in Dallas, TX to experience the Speak For The Silenced workshop in person.

5. Posting a blog about the #SpeakForTheSilenced cause calling all Christians to take an active stand and to raise awareness

6. Purchasing Speak For The Silenced wristbands or shirts for a small donation, where the proceeds will go to families of martyrs, the needs of workers who minister in hostile areas, and smuggling Bibles to captive nations through our partnership with Voice of The Martyrs.

(Wristbands and t-shirts coming soon)

Purchase your Speak for The Silenced Wristbands for a minimum donation $5.00! Not only do these serve as a reminder to pray or those who are persecuted but ALL proceeds will go to families of martyred victims, the needs of ministers who work in hostile areas and smuggling Bibles to captive nations through our partnership with Voice of the Martyrs.

Please make minimum donation of $5

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