A Generation After God's Heart


Have you been going through the motions of the Christian faith, while your heart feels far from God?

Or maybe you've been struggling with consistency in your daily Bible reading? 

Starting next June, Unashamed Impact is challenging every Believer to pick up their Bible everyday, for 30 days, and reset their faith. We'll start by diving into the Mission of Christ, from the moment He touched down on Earth, until the Day He returns. We'll be digging in deep with daily discussions in our online small groups, studying what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus, and to live out the command to "Love God with all of your heart, soul, and might."

The 4 Main Goals

  1. To gain fellowship and go deeper in the Word with other like-minded believers around the world. 

  2. To radically reshape the cultural perspective of what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ. 

  3. To renew your faith, while engaging in a practical and genuine experience of the Bible. 

  4. To gain the consistency of daily Bible reading. 


Life Changers.jpeg

Every Monday night throughout the month of June, we will have weekly discussions on our Life Changers Conference calls, where participants of the challenge will have a chance to call in with their Bible Challenge Accountability Group, discuss the weekly reading, share edifying moments, and receive the prayer and encouragement needed to continue reading. 

Unashamed Impact is offering online Bible Challenge Accountability Groups through GroupMe. GroupMe can be downloaded as an application or accessed through a created account by logging in at www.groupme.com. Participants who would like to be in an online accountability group are required to provide their GroupMe profile information as they fill out the challenge registration form.