A Generation After God's Heart

Annual #IChooseJesus Campaign 

Beginning January 1st

Every year, during the month of January, Unashamed Impact dedicates all of our efforts to encourage as many people as we can, to choose Jesus Christ over any and everything else the world has to offer. 

Jesus said: 

I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one comes to The Father expect through Me.
— John Chapter 14 verse 6

And that is the message we'd like to get across with our annual #IChooseJesus campaign. 

1. To choose His Way over our own.

2. To choose His Truth over the enemies lies.

3. To choose His Life over a life of sin.

Here are a few ways participants can get involved in the #IChooseJesus campaign: 



Join our mission on social media !


Follow us all across social media (@UnashamedImpact), and join us as we use the hashtag #IChooseJesus, ranting with Bible verses and quotes, spreading the Message of Christ one post at a time.  

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Purchase an I Choose Jesus T-Shirt !


For $15.49 you can purchase the Unashamed Impact I Choose Jesus t-shirt and boldly proclaim your faith everywhere. The money earned will go towards funding the UI Annual Conference Retreat, to sponsor someone's registration.



post your #ichoosejesus photo !


We challenge you to gather a group of friends in your city, and hold your own #IChooseJesus photo shoot. Wear your #IChooseJesus t-shirts and hold up your signs! Submit all of your photos to us at admin@unashamedimpact.com. 

We'll gather photos of believers from all across the world, to share the unique moments of themselves, their friends, and family, boldly holding up signs proclaiming that they choose Jesus, and they're not alone.






Submit a post to our Blog Team and share your testimony! Tell the world how and why you chose Jesus, and encourage someone else to do the same. 

Don't forget to call in every Monday night during the month of June, for a chance to hear God's Word,  share testimonies, and engage in open discussions and Bible studies. All focused on the theme, #IChooseJesus.

See more details HERE

Help us reach our goal of 100 + #IChooseJesus Photos !