A Generation After God's Heart

Unashamed Impact online Community

Guidelines and Expectations

These guidelines set by the Unashamed Impact Team are what we use as rules to guide how we expect our online community to interact with one another. Whether it be within our Facebook Community, in our Worldwide Community GroupMe chat, or on any other social media platform; we ask that you apply these guidelines to your every day conversations as you interact with other members of our amazing community.



- We believe in praying together, serving together, and growing together.
- Participate in the group, this is done by posting your own updates/stories, and discussing conversation on other post that you see posted throughout the days and weeks


- We believe in raising up next-generation leaders after God’s heart, equipped in their God given talents.
- Feel free to regularly invite friends and family members into the group and encourage them to participate.
- Pray for this community.
- Be committed to your own personal growth and the growth of others.
- Model a genuine walk with Christ, we are not perfect.


- No profanity
- No harsh criticism. All correction should and must be made in love.
- No taking an individuals information or personal business outside of this group unless expressly permitted by that person.


- We believe in sharing the gospel of Christ with a fallen world in need of salvation.
- Someone does not have to be a long time believer to be involved in this community

Deep Relationships

- We believe in cultivating genuine and deep-spirited relationships rooted in love that carry each others burdens and shares each others joy.
- Seek to know the heart of other members in the community; building online friendships.
- Seek to know how people are generally doing, their burdens and prayer request, their concerns and how they are doing in life, work, relationships, and the church.

Teamwork & Unity

- We believe in working together on one accord in one Spirit with one purpose.
- This group only works if you participate.
- Partner with one another to check the group, as Facebook does not always show every notification.
- Check in regularly if possible.
- Hold the group, and the leadership accountable, and be open to accountability from others.

Bold Faith

- We believe in being unashamed of the biblical faith rooted in the gospel truth of Jesus Christ.
- Protect the truth of the WORD and the doctrine of the Church
- Protect one another -- the unity and relationships within Small Groups.
- Protect members with biblical counsel.


- We believe that every follower of Christ is called to make more followers of Christ.

Being An Example

- We believe in setting the standard of living a life governed by the Word of God regardless of the direction of modern culture.
- No advertisements unless approved
- This includes but is not in any way limited to:
- Self Promotion of your own music, and often, music from main stream artist.
- GoFundMe's and most financial campaigns.
- Your Facebook Events that do not relate to the mission of Unashamed Impact.