A Generation After God's Heart

Our Core Values



We believe in praying together, serving together, and growing together.


We believe in raising up next-generation leaders after God’s heart, equipped in their God given talents.


We believe in a giving heart and distributing according to the needs of those around us whether that be time, finances or an encouraging word.


We believe in sharing the gospel of Christ with a fallen world in need of salvation.

Deep Relationships

We believe in cultivating genuine and deep-spirited relationships rooted in love that carry each others burdens and shares each others joy.

Teamwork & Unity

We believe in working together on one accord in one Spirit with one purpose.

Bold Faith

We believe in being unashamed of the biblical faith rooted in the gospel truth of Jesus Christ.


We believe that every follower of Christ is called to make more followers of Christ.


We believe in proactively meeting the practical needs of those around the world.

Being An Example

We believe in setting the standard of living a life governed by the Word of God regardless of the direction of modern culture.