Comparison: A Thief of Joy...

The thief I'm referring to is much more common than you and I realize. I’m talking about comparison! Yes, I said comparison is a thief of joy. When you scroll through Facebook and John got a job promotion at the firm of his dreams; Sally got engaged yesterday to this amazing, loving guy; Lianne posted a new picture and got what seems to be 1 million likes on Instagram. 

There is a common theme between all of them; you think to yourself “They look so happy!” At the point you begin to look at your life and begin to wonder, “Did God forget about me or what?” Does any of this sound familiar? In a world where there is so much pressure to compete against with next person or keep up with the Jones (as the saying used to go), you often have to recalibrate yourself. Let me share with you 3 ways to combat this thief, comparison.

Recognize All That Glitters, May Just Be Glitter
In reference to the beginning of the post, social media can be a true enemy in today’s world. It has a way of highlighting all of the great parts of someone’s life; people always look put together and most appear not to have a care in the world. Everything is just great for them. The reality is that there is so much that is going on behind the scenes that are not portrayed through the device in your hands. I have heard the stories of some people, and I'm just amazed at the fact that no one would have ever suspected it by the image that is portrayed. So before you go and compare how unsuccessful, unhappy, or unfulfilled your life looks in comparison to the next person, remember you don't know their struggles and they may be feeling the same way you do. 

Your Journey is YOUR Journey
Yes, your journey, not John, Sally, Jane, or whomsoever you've been comparing yourself to. You have to own the fact that God designed your life, for His purposes and for His glory. He knew you before you even came into existence. He saw you before you were born. 

Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before even a single day had passed. - Psalm 139: 16

So trust in the fact that it’s all a part of His wonderful plan for you. Rest in the fact that there is one who is able to design your journey perfectly. 
His Plans are Better
Imagine the best life you can think of for yourself. All of the things you think would make you happy and satisfied with life. What if I told you that God plans could outdo yours? Even with all that you've imagined, regardless of how simple or grand, God has better plans for you. 

I would encourage you to read the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis, to see this beautifully illustrated. With all the things he went through he could have asked, “Why me?” or compared his life to this his age, from his class (figuratively speaking), family members, etc.; and rightfully so, he went through so much, but check out the ending. He ended up in a place that was not only better than what he could have on his own, but he also saved an entire nation! Talk about a master plan!

Call to Action

So my friends, take JOY in whatever season or circumstance you find yourself in. Be happy to see other people succeeding without fearing that it will stop you from achieving your own. I encourage you to be confident that God’s plan for your life is unfolding just the way it ought to and you will do great things for Him and through Him. Lastly my friends, guard your joy from the thief…

Kim is a Registered Nurse by day but a singer, guitar player, writer, and lover of fun by night. Most of all Kim is a lover of Christ. She writes to share her daily life and walk with God and the truths she has gleaned from it.