Dylan Rucker

"What Is My Purpose?" | Asking The Wrong Question 2

Dylan Rucker
"What Is My Purpose?" | Asking The Wrong Question 2

"What Is My Purpose?" | Asking The Wrong Question 2


Someone once said that "All men are powerless to determine their own fate." It's an idea that we, humans have absolutely no control over what happens in our lives. Ha! And yet we still seek control, finding ourselves on an endless quest, asking questions like:

"What is my purpose?"

"What am I supposed to be doing?"

"How can I fulfill my destiny?"

We lead ourselves to the trap of technicality and specification. Asking broad questions in search of direct answers. And then we're stuck. Confused. Lost. And left behind with the feeling of incompetence, because we just can't figure it out.....

What if I told you this was less complicated than you're making it?

What if I told you that you already had the answer to your question, and that one verse in the Bible solidifies it?

Or......what if I told you that you're really just asking the wrong question?


Watch this . . .


"All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose." 

- Romans 8:28


Sound familiar? If you're a Christ-follower you've probably read and heard this verse a hundred times. And the usual mindset of the Believer is to associate this verse as comfort in the midst of our adversity. But I think it also answers a few other questions for us.

The first thing I want you to focus on is how Paul says that we are "called" according to "His purpose." The reason I said we're asking the wrong question here, is because our conception is focused on the wrong thing. We're asking questions about purpose, but what we really mean is calling.

You're reading this blog right now because either you support Unashamed Impact, the Title caught your attention, or you just love Jesus and reading. If neither of those, I pray that somehow God would touch your heart by something I say. But realistically if you follow Jesus in some capacity, you already have an idea of your purpose, because it's rooted in your belief system. It's rooted in your heart. It's what you do. It's what you talk about to friends and rant about on Twitter. It's why when someone asks about your testimony you immediately think about Him. It's why you can't go a day without thinking of the story of how love overcame a rugged cross and a dark grave. It's why you can't read a Book who's earliest writings were set nearly 3500 years ago, without having some burning desire to do and be what it says. It's why you could care less if someone called you a Jesus freak, in fact you welcome it. Because you know that your purpose for existing on this Earth, is to bring glory and honor to God. The Bible says that the Earth is The Lord's and the FULLNESS thereof. That means that mankind is the unique possession of the Creator, God. Made in His image, and made for His purpose. Not your own conception of purpose. Not my ideal of purpose. Not whatever false, cultural, man-made, tangible, self-fulfilling, perishable purpose the world has to offer you.  No, your purpose is ever so clear and evident. Your life is an instrument of direction, pointing to the God who overcame every curse and every weight of sin to win your heart and lead you to a path of redemption. Called according to.... His purpose.


Now you're calling.....If you haven't noticed by now, I believe there's a bit of a difference between your purpose and a calling. Like we said, as Believers, our sole purpose is to commit ourselves to God, and to bring Him glory and honor in everything we do. Our purpose is to serve as instruments of faith, mirroring the light of God's Truth on Earth. But our calling, is how we plan to operate under that purpose, or serve in the capacity of honoring God. The Bible says that in God's Grace He's given us all different gifts to operate in His will. (Romans 12:6). As we go through life, those gifts become more and more evident to us. These gifts can be used as our guides to determine what we're called to do. And God does not dictate or force His hand upon our decision-making. He supplies us with the gifts, but He allows us to choose where we'd like to use them. After prayer and meditation, we follow the calling that's been laid on our heart. It's a calling that only you and God can feel.

From there, we have to believe that "ALL THINGS"......the small things, the big things, anything we put our hearts to will work out for our good. Who's good?  Those who love Him and are CALLED according to HIS PURPOSE."

ALL THINGS. Meaning if you feel called to be a teacher, a technician, a husband, a wife, or anything else that is in alignment with the gifts God's placed in your being, you have to FULLY trust that it'll work out for your good because it's a calling aligned with your purpose; to bring God the glory He deserves. And because you know that 'you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives you strength'. Who gives you a spirit of confidence and zeal. Who gives you every tool you'll need to complete the work embedded on your heart, for the glory of Christ.

Listen, I believe that you know your purpose already, because otherwise you would have stopped reading this post by now for lack of understanding. And we know that the understanding of The Word only comes by The Spirit. Those who reject The Spirit lack the understanding and reject His purpose. But you've chosen differently. Your heart is there. You're ready to walk in full submission. Now as you choose a calling, my prayer is that you'd trust God to lead you, knowing that He's already supplied you with the many gifts to carry out the tasks. Search your gifts, and you'll find your calling(s). And know that a person can have more than one calling. You could be called to be a Pastor, a Father, and a teacher, all at the same time. There was once a man who was called to be a Son, a Teacher, a Carpenter, and a Savior all at once. But the point is that all of those callings fit under your purpose to serve The Father with the gifts He's given you. Rebuke and conquer any thought or feeling that tells you differently.


Written by: Dylan Rucker | UI Executive Director

Let's connect on Twitter: @Dylan_Rucker