Weak and Wounded No More

So you placed your wounded, bleeding heart inside of that dark, dingy, beat up box. Thinking no one would suspect it there; you placed it on the very top shelf in the far back. Then you placed all kinds of lovely (and distracting) objects in front of it to keep eyes off of where you placed your heart. You worked hard to hide it…

We’re human, we have emotions, and we’ve been hurt. That hurt may be in the past or just as recent as today and each time we take a hit it seems to wound us. It can take a toll on our mental health, our self-esteem, our drive for life, and on the pursuit of the calling God has on our lives. We may not recognize the wound at the time but it’s effects can linger and sometimes ever so subtly.                 

I am always amazed by the story of the elephant and the rope. Many of you may have heard or read the story before but I’ll attempt to retell it in my own words. The story goes (my version of it):

“A woman sat in the crowd at the circus. Just outside the tent she could see a full-grown elephant standing outside the tent. Just standing. The only thing holding the large creature was a rope tied from the elephant’s leg to a rather small stick. As large, strong, and powerful the animal was it could easily break away, but it stood there without even trying. The woman looked in amazement and asked how this could be. The trainer of the elephant said, ‘When the elephant was very young we tied him to a big ‘ole pole and at that age and size it was enough to hold him and he was unable to get free- try all he might. As he got older he got used to it. And ‘til this day he still thinks that he cannot get free. Now we can use the little ropes and sticks, ‘cause den already trained his mind to what he can and can’t do.’”

Many of us have been conditioned like this elephant. We have been holding on to so many hurts and disappointments for so long that we don’t believe we can be set free from them. What if we let go of all the things that have happened to us and start tomorrow with a fresh mindset? A day free from all our failures, disappointments and un-forgiveness to our self and to others. Because we are made new creatures in Christ, all of those things are so minute in comparison to which we have now become in Him. It is like we are the strong elephant allowing one small stick to hold us back from being great and free!! Recently, I came to the conclusion that I had some wounds in my life that I was allowing to hold me back from who God has called me to be. I came across this verse, Isaiah 43:18 says, “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.” The Father is so ready to make us new and set us free!

In conclusion, I encourage you to lay your hurts down before Him this week. Don’t allow those things to be a stumbling block to your future and to who you made to be. Then step into all that God has for you. You are strong in His strength, you are healed by His blood, and you are weak and wounded no more.

“Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.” ~ Oswald Chambers


Kim is a Registered Nurse by day but a singer, guitar player, writer, and lover of fun by night. Most of all Kim is a lover of Christ. She writes to share her daily life and walk with God and the truths she has gleaned from it.