Understanding The Need For Time With God

Today’s lesson is brought to you by time: an everlasting and evaporating event fleeting away at our grasp. This one particular lesson left me in my feelings following a very long weekend working with sick patients. Usually, following work, the radio is on and I am humming my workday sorrows into the “Neverland” of musical imagination.

Not this particular time, though. Instead, I am boiling with frustration. Teeth gritting, asking God “Why?”

Now, cue the whining.

“God, I am irritated my friend did not respond to my three text messages! I know she got them! She has not been responding to anything I text her lately! Why?”
“I called my sister but of course she never answers her phone. I wanted her to come over for dinner!”
“I have not heard from this guy I am “dating” all weekend! I only hear from him Monday through Friday. (If I am lucky) I know he works a lot, but it seems like he never wants to make time for me!”

ALL I WANT IS TIME!! Is that too much to ASK?!

Wah. Wah. Waaaaahhh.

This was the verbal temper tantrum of the year. Best believe when I got home and nestled into bed, God gently reminded me I deserved time with people I cared about.

When was the last time you spent time with me, though?



Insert major sigh here. Oh my goodness, He was totally right. (Of course…!)

Now, this week was a challenge. Ever heard of new level, new devil?  I was going through a few hurdles and I believe God separated me from people and things so I can get quiet before Him. In my carnal mind, I saw it as being ignored.  Punished even.  I had not cracked open my Bible that week and missed church because it was my weekend to work.  My mouth had not even parted to thank God for allowing me to see another day! I was so busy trying to figure everyone else’s time schedules that I did not stop and spend time with Him! I put laundry, making dinner, studying for nursing, and being a mother over spending time with God.


I could beat myself up and say woe is me; or I could ask for self-forgiveness and the Lord’s forgiveness and keep it moving. The great thing about dawn is the day starts over. I thanked God for his correctness. He still loves me and in fact, so much, he gently reminded me he wanted time with me.

I feel we have all been down this road before. It is easy to get caught up in life, forgetting to put God at the forefront. I had to create ways to include Him in my crazy workday. So, I began using downtime to my advantage.

Whenever there is downtime at work, I go to the stairwell. I take my phone and plug in to God’s word. I may read a Bible passage or two; or throw on some praise and worship. Then I pray and go back to work. Fifteen quick minutes with God during a 12-hour day can really do wonders! He isn’t asking for a lot of time. It is amazing how much can be accomplished in a pocket of time, especially with God. This does not have to just pertain to work, but on days where we are not working. Nothing should come before God. I could not imagine Him putting everything else before me. I owe it to God to give him some time. He deserves that!



I've been writing since I was seven. Yep, seven. I love it. It's a passion of mine and it comes to me like second nature. I write poetry and fiction. I would love to explore Christian fiction, touching hearts all over the world. God gave me this gift and I plan to use it.


I am in college for nursing, however I plan to fulfill my  lifetime duty of not only pleasing God through caring for others but also by blessings those who can relate to my testimony. I'm not in it for followers or fame. I just want to do what I love while pleasing God at the same time!!!