UI 90 Day Bible Challenge!

UI 90 Day Bible Challenge!

Are you down for a LIFE CHANGING experience?! We're excited for the upcoming Bible Challenge as we journey for 90 days through the ENTIRE BIBLE! We know about the Bible series on the History Channel but when's the last time you actually read it? Front to back?! It all starts April 1st! This is by no means going be easy. Its going to challenge our faith to grow and if done with the right heart and motives, will be of great benefit to our lives.

Unashamed Impact teams worldwide will all be on one accord reading together, praying together, growing together. HUNDREDS of UNASHAMED believers from every walk of life: South Africa, Fiji, Nigeria, Spain, Germany, The Dominican Republic, The Caribbean, The UK, The Philippines, India, France, all across the US and many others. What could be more POWERFUL?! We believe it will be a real great chance for the UI family to do what the family of God was always called to do! Connect! Grow! Love! And learn!

Want to sign up? Send an email to training@UnashamedImpact.com to get the schedule and details! Include your name, location, phone # and twitter name in the email!

Invite your friends and family and join us on this 90 Day Journey as we read through the ENTIRE BIBLE!

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