The Future of UI

Author: Brittney Moses We’re so excited for the direction Unashamed Impact is headed in within the next few months, next year, next 5 years! We have a vision for the future with no doubt that where we are now isn’t anywhere near where we always will be. Two years ago, lets face it, UI (Unashamed Impact) was simply a hashtag that stood for young leaders dedicated to standing for their uncompromising faith in Christ and making an active positive impact in our world. What was once a hashtag that exploded across the Twittersphere soon became a movement and then an organization before you knew it. The vision kept growing, developing and gaining clearer insight. We knew that if we wanted to be influential to this generation in a very practical way we’d need to target two areas of society: Our Communities (and being hands on through authentic relationships with others in our city) and the Social Media World (one of the most influential platforms of today's culture). But that was just the start. Over the past couple years we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t work and continue to let the creativity flow with the willingness to learn from our mistakes every month.

UI BostowanaRight now we have about 20 teams of young people in various communities from Africa to the Dominican Republic and all across the United States. At the core of our internal operations we have a “staff” of about 10 solid directors who oversee our various departments from our internship program, public relations, our social media team and recruitment team etc. I’ve got to say Im inspired every day by each of these individuals, their leadership and their zeal to make this vision come alive. While I may have founded UI it is the combined effort and dedication that makes the wheels turn. If you’d like to learn more about some of our campaigns and what our teams are doing in their communities please visit the “About Us” page for more details.

baeUnashamed ImpactUnashamed Impact Unashamed ImpactSo now to my main point of all this- Where are we headed for the future? Well just so you know a little bit about myself, I’ve come to realize that I'm very much of a visionary at heart- a dreamer and creator. I always see the beginning with the end in mind. You give me an idea and I see the long run. We’ve had many meetings and calls as to the various programs and opportunities UI is going to offer in the near future, but my assistant has been very good at making sure I take one day at a time and not get ahead of God. We want to have solid grounding on one project or program before we move to the next. It's very wise.

To speak practically, I’d love to take this next moment to invite you into the internal operations of UI and what we’re looking at:

LC sute 2 Life Changers: We’ve held our life changers call every Monday night for a year straight. That's right, we haven’t missed a single Monday. Huge blessings to our highly committed team. Moving forward Life Changers will very much begin to reflect the idea of a radio show- with hosts, the topics our youth is struggling with (porn, suicidal thinking, applying for college, etc.) and frequent special guests who have an expertise in these topical areas so you are being equipped.

Internship Program: Our Internship program will plug you into volunteer with the various departments in place and in development so that you may learn and develop practical skills in your field of interest. You’ll take on projects, lead and receive a certification for your work that you can carry on to your future careers or college application process. We know that a lot of places ask for experience (even though you’re applying to gain experience! Crazy right?). Well we want to help.

Men's and Women's Program: This is a ministry department in the developing stages. Its dedicated to bring not only brother and sisterhood as we grow together but developing strong whole male and female leaders in support of one another.

UI Community Program- A 9 month program held every Saturday for high school and college students. The purpose of the curriculum is to build a program that empowers a diverse group of teenagers & young adults to become leaders in this generation to impact their communities. We are to create a safe place where young adults can be genuinely themselves, create an atmosphere of open dialogue, and foster an environment of relational and spiritual growth. The goal is to have interactive activities and discussion to also help the youth analyze conflict in their own lives and communities.

 Other programs and visions we’re looking at in the future are:

  • Scholarship Funds- Creating a scholarship fund for underprivileged youth to get an amazing education
  • Young Single Mothers Group- Supporting young mothers educationally, spiritually, financially and practically
  • Missions Program- an opportunity for our youth to serve and volunteer overseas
  • Suicide Hotline- To be available by phone to minister to those struggling with suicidal thinking lead by a team of trained individuals
  • Annual UI Leadership Conference- We’re excited to continue our yearly leadership conference every summer fueled with speakers, worship, equipping workshops and fellowship.

Its EXCITING to look at the direction we’re headed and look forward to this journey with everyone involved. If you’re interested in getting more involved with Unashamed Impact you can either start a team in your city, join our internship program, give toward our vision financially to keep things moving forward or tune into Life Changers with us every Monday night. Either way, we ask that you continue to keep the organization and every involved in prayer as we embark on this world changing mission in the name of Jesus. Amen? Amen!

Your sister,

Brittney Moses