The Enemy’s Plot

Author: Alicia Joseph I was one of those kids that always had to go to church. My grandmother was deaconess and my grandfather was a deacon. We went to pastor’s anniversaries, choir concerts, mission meetings and every holiday service that could be created. So even as a small child, the enemy’s plot was engrained in my memory. The enemy (or thief) comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I could quote John 10:10 before I knew any other scripture. As I grew older and began to understand the Word of God, I figured out what the line really means. Before we talk about the enemy’s plot, we have to identify WHO the enemy is and who the enemy is NOT. THE IS ENEMY NOT:

  • The girl that cheated on you
  • The guy that left you
  • Your boss who fired you
  • The doctor who gave up
  • The teacher that discriminates against you
  • The kids that beat you up at school
  • ETC…

The ‘enemy’ is not a human being. The enemy is the spirit that latches onto that human and works through them to attack God’s children. The spirits of disloyalty, bitterness, racism, sickness, bullying, and the like are all dangerous to those weak enough to let them take over. Don’t blame the ‘people’, get mad at those spirits! Those spirits are controlled by the devil himself. Learning the tactics of the enemy and how to counterattack is vital to the spiritual war we are fighting in. Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against the mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places” Now that we have established just who the enemy is, what’s his plan?

1. STEAL The enemy comes to steal everything in your life that isn’t tied down. The enemy will attack your happiness by affecting your ‘happenings’. When all of a sudden your grades are failing, and then your relationship ends, and then your mom is riding your back, and then you get a speeding ticket, and then on and on and so forth. All of this is meant to affect your happiness. It’s NOTHING God can’t handle. You have to realize that once you start living for Christ and advancing his Kingdom, the enemy panics. Satan does not want you, with your young, vibrant, and on fire for Christ self, joining up with other young Christians and making a difference in the world!

COUNTERATTACK: Don’t let your happiness go! The enemy will also steal your thoughts. Most of the time, it’s not people that are  telling us we aren’t good enough, it’s US! I am guilty of it too! When a negative thought about your situation comes in your mind, replace it with a positive one! Understand that no matter what the issue is, God is GREATER than that! I’m not saying don’t work on your problems and issues, but have the faith that your God is greater than anything the enemy can cook up! Don’t let your faith in God waver. Should we let our humanly mind LIMIT what God can do? NO!

2. KILL Have you ever met someone that became really down all the time? Some people call it depression or negativity. It is really a highly calculated attack from Satan. After months of stealing your thoughts, the stress kills your joy. Joy is the ability to have hope and press on despite the circumstance. We NEED joy in our lives.  The word JOY is mentioned 165 times in the Bible! Don’t underestimate the enemy, he will try to KILL you! That stress not only kills your joy but lowers your immune system. This hinders you from fighting off infections and can literally end your life. So when the stress is building up and then all of a sudden you get the flu, or pneumonia, or an infection, remember this blog!

COUNTERATTACK : As God’s children, we may feel apprehensive at times but actual STRESS is unnecessary. Be anxious for NOTHING. Our Father has got our back! Relax.

3. DESTROY Finally, the enemy will encourage you to sin. We all know the wages of sin is DEATH. If we succumb to the enemy’s plot for our lives, he will capture us. Have you ever met someone who you KNEW wasn’t doing right but still seemed to get everything they wanted in life? Please don’t let that deter you from God’s way. The enemy doesn’t NEED to attack them, he already has them through their sin. All the enemy does is wait on the sidelines and watch the train wreck. This is why people become addicted to alcohol, drugs, pornography, and etc.

COUNTERATTACK: KNOW THE WORD FOR YOURSELF. So many Christians expect to get closer to Christ by quoting scriptures that they hear their pastor/grandmother/deaconess/cousin/sister/auntie say. It is our responsibility to know the Word for ourselves. Study it and apply it to your life. Seek God’s face and His presence. Ask Him to lead you on everything. Involve Him in every aspect of your busy life and the enemy cannot destroy you. You have to know the Word to be able to command the enemy to get behind you. Know what God has entitled you to by reading up on his promises for his children. Ultimately, we are the chosen generation. We are peculiar people and picked out from the rest of the world. It is time we started acting like it and recognize there is a spiritual war going on all around us. We have to put on our armor and protect ourselves accordingly to truly advance the kingdom of God.


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