The Cure for Our Sins

“His Death was the Cure”

As a physician I often see a striking parallel between the work Jesus did while He was on earth and the work that I do as a physician.  (I say this with all humility being careful not to compare myself to Jesus). There is the body of Christ and there is our physical body.  In the physical, blood transports oxygen to all parts of the body.  Without that transport of oxygen the body cannot survive.  So it is with the blood of Jesus that is necessary for us, the body of Christ to survive.  

As a new physician, we take an oath to do no harm to the patient but never have we been sworn to give our life for the sake of our patients.  This is where the parallel ends.  

Prevention is preferred

Many of the world’s deadliest diseases can be prevented, as can all of the ailments of our sin-sick world.  1 Peter 2:24 states, “who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness.  By whose stripes ye were healed.”  Both in the natural and the spiritual, our lifestyle affects our health status.  The things we choose to allow, repetitively, into our body can have a profound affect on our long-term health, as does how well we take care of our bodies. It is better to prevent the disease by living a more disciplined lifestyle rather than to treat the disease when it occurs.  The same is true of sin and it’s consequences.  It is better to prevent allowing sin to set up shop in our hearts rather than having to work hard to tear down the strongholds that have taken root.

Sin is like a Cancer

When we look at the condition of the world today it is disheartening to watch sin multiply and spread like cancer, yes like cancer! In fact, sin operates in the believer and the non-believer alike. Cancer originates when a single cell undergoes a cellular DNA mutation or change.  This change causes instability, which allows the cancer to grow or spread uninhibited until it has affected multiple different sites in the body and eventually leads to death. Could it be that the leaven spoken of in Galatians 5:9 was symbolic of the cancer-like effect sin has on the body of Christ?

I can remember growing up attending church at least 2-3 times a week and twice on Sunday.  I have heard the scripture “A little leaven leavens the whole lump” more times than I can count.  I did not really appreciate the enormous amount of wisdom impregnated in such a short scripture until I was given my autonomy.  When I went off to college, I really experienced the little leaven that caused my entire lump to be leavened. Leaven is a type of yeast that is added to bread in small amounts to cause the bread to rise.  As a little sin was added into my life and my fleshly sinful nature began to rise, it did not take long before my pre-leavened self was unrecognizable.  

Oftentimes sin starts with a thought and if not contained by our spiritual immune system it will fester and explode into something completely unrecognizable to that God-fearing spiritual being we once were.  Sin ruins us.  Big or small, it ruins us; and our relationship with our Father, our Lover, and our Great physician.  He only wants to love us, care for us, heal us.  God’s love is Amazing!  After we allow the blood that he shed to cure us of our terminal disease we have to stay connected to our life support.

Never Sin-Free because we have a sinful nature by default

When we repent and are baptized our cancer (sin) goes into remission.  Remission is defined as “a state or period during a serious illness when there are few or no symptoms and patient’s health improves.”  It is also defined as “the act of reducing or canceling the amount of debt owed” or “the reduction of a prison sentence.”

How amazing is it that this physician who walked this earth -performing medical miracles, making the crippled walk, the blind to see -would love us so much that he would completely lay down his life as a Cure for the deadliest disease ever known to man…SIN?!

We are all infected and only the blood of Jesus Christ can save us.  If the world was informed that we were all dying of a disease only eradicated by receiving a blood exchange/transfusion, who would decline?  If the blood was made available to the entire world, it seems ridiculous that not all would take advantage.  However, we are not utilizing our “divine” resource.  

So many are not accepting the transfusion and in essence they are choosing to allow their cancer to spread, ultimately leading to death…death of their spiritual man.  “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). Christ, the “Great Physician” put his own fleshly concerns aside to donate his Blood as the “Ultimate Transfusion” which would save the world from this great epidemic that we are in now.  How mind-blowing is it that His blood type is a match for all types? Christ is “The Original Universal Donor”.  

We are the World’s Caretakers

Christians, we have to wake up!  We have to walk into what God has commissioned us to do.  We are all His ambassadors.  We are His nurses, His physicians.  Matthew 9:12 states: But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, “they that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick”.   The world is sick and it is the sick that need us.  We have to give the world the medicine that God has supplied us with, His Love.  Then, we must point them to Christ.  Love them despite disagreements, love them regardless of their past, love them despite their personal preferences, love them…just love them.  

“Love covers the multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8)

When we show unconditional love to someone who’s dying in sin, confused, untrusting, and alone they may see the lifeline that God is giving them and maybe, just maybe they will soften their heart and allow you to introduce them to this extraordinary Physician who’s death provided the cure for their disease.

 Written by Dr. Sherlonda Asante & Dr. Khashana Blake