Texas Teen Says Teacher Told Students To Deny God in Assignment or Fail

As if school couldn’t get any harder, students at West Memorial Junior High School have been subjected to harsh treatment of another kind. As reported by multiple sources Jordan Wooley, a straight-A student in the Katy Independent School District, has come forward stating that she and other classmates were told by a teacher that God wasn’t real and any answers stating otherwise would result in docked grades.

Jordan stated that on Monday, students were given a test where a poll was presented, asking whether God was a fact, opinion, or myth but it came with a twist; If anyone answered that God was fact or opinion, the answer was wrong.  Jordan’s mother, Chantel Wooley, stated that the test would be 40 percent of her daughter’s grade but even knowing so, Jordan would not renounce her faith in God. 

This wasn’t the only class that was subjected to this test as multiple classes, taught by the same teacher, were given the exact same test/poll.  Tuesday morning, Jordan was called to speak with the principal in a private meeting, leaving the conclusion of this incident still up in the air. 

Update: School Statement

As you may be aware, several media outlets have reported on a recent classroom activity at West Memorial Junior High. ...

Posted by Katy ISD on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So, What Do We Do?

Not to long ago, it seemed as though persecution was a distant threat plaguing our brothers and sisters from afar.  We heard these tales of worshipping God in secret, deep down in someone’s basement in fear of being jailed by just speaking about our Lord and Savior.  It never seemed as though we would have to push our own faith down and be silent in the United States.  

1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respect an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…

The 1st amendment states that the government should have no dealings with establishment of religion BUT we are to have free exercise thereof, having the ability to exercise freedom of speech.  It’s because of this amendment that our country has been most sought for religious freedom.  It’s one thing to take prayer out of school or have loops to jump through to just to assemble with like minds, but when basic rights are taken, would you say we’ve finally crossed the line of no return?

Jordan Wooley and her classmates had a simple, basic right taken when they were forced to essentially denounce God.  They were given no option of opinion, as opinion led to a failing grade.  They were prohibited from exercising said faith as well.  They made no attempt to force anyone into religion nor did they outright subject anyone to religious exercise.  They were simply students, inside of an institution of learning, exercising their right of education.   

However, they were subjected to abide by someone else’s opinions and thoughts.  Though they had freedom to answer the question however they chose, that freedom had no foundation as a failing grade awaited.  Yea, they could’ve given a baseless answer just to appease the teacher, take the grade and walk.  But let me ask you this, what if it was something you felt strongly about.  What if someone told you that what you believed didn’t matter?  Would you just answer?

As Christians, we stand by the fact that denouncing God or Christ is unacceptable.  Christ said if we deny him before people, he would deny us in heaven (Matthew 10:33).  So what Jordan and her classmates did was simply abide by what we believe.  There was no other answer but to not give a baseless answer to appease someone.    

So, what do we do?  We pray.  We stand by our convictions and we pray more.  I read an excerpt from a book the other day that honestly opened my mind.  The book made the statement that even though it’s appropriate that we pray for the basic needs of family, friends, strangers, and enemies, we should focus more on praying for their spiritual needs.  Pray that those whom already know God stand strong; that they grow spiritually and serve as a beacon of light, whether it’s through testimony or daily actions.  For those who don’t know God pray that, like the prodigal son, they come home.  Pray that the shepherds find that one lost sheep that left the ninety-nine.  Pray more for their spiritual guidance and heavenly ascension.

So in this situation, pray that Jordan Wooley’s testimony inspires others to not denounce Christ.  Pray for the strength of our brothers and sisters.  Pray for those who persecute us.  Pray that they come home.  Yes, what the teacher did was totally unacceptable.  But instead of judging or growing angry, pray.  I pray that you can forgive her, all who are affected by this. 

Events like this are becoming prevalent in and out of our school systems and it's the core of why we, Unashamed Impact, are having our apologetics series starting next week, to explore our faith more in-depth.  Be sure to join us @ Apologetics Series

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