Student Sparks Revival in High School Hallway

“Let no one despise you because of your youth, but be an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.”

1 Timothy 4:12

Unashamed Impact has been built upon the foundation of the above scripture. At our core, we encourage a generation that has grown up within an ever-evolving society to be a bold example for others, whether it be throughout speech or conduct; whether it’s through the sharing of love, faith, or purity.

We encourage our youth to be convicted by the spirit, to be obedient to our heavenly Father’s word, following all that the Lord commands of his servants.  

The problem we face, however, is encouraging young believers to keep fighting in a world that despises them for whom they believe in. Sadly, our society has become one of exclusion of anything different than the social norm; of anything that causes uncertainty, goes against the grain, or isn’t the new hip trend.

The Story

Young believers are scared to show their faith or even worse, be shunned by peers for being different. This is what makes Thursday, March 24th 2016 even more miraculous when Logan High School (Logan, W. Va.) Jr., Skyler Miller, decided to put his faith on full display in front of a crowd within the high school hallway. As noted by the Logan Banner, Logan’s local news website, Skyler had been praying for Jesus to use him in order to not only be bold, but to fearlessly preach the gospel as apostle Paul had once done.

Skyler, who’s battled Leukemia twice, felt Jesus urging him just as he did his disciples long ago, to tell the world about God and be a beacon of light for His kingdom. Thursday was that day that Jesus called Skyler to deliver his message. As noted by one of his teachers, John E. Godby, Skyler began to preach to his friends and anyone who would listen and before long, a crowd had assembled to listen to his message.

According to sources (link to original article), at the end of his sermon Skyler began to invite those who wanted to be saved and those who wanted to recommit to their faith to come forward and pray with him and a few other students; several individuals came forward to recommit and one was saved for the first time. At the end, Skyler explained the reasoning behind his steadfast and bold attempt to spread the Gospel:

“He has brought me through so much. When I had leukemia, I leaned on him and He helped me through everything,” Miller said. “So I feel like I owe Jesus my everything for saving me not only from my sin, but from death too. Not to mention His presence and His Holy Spirit is amazing. He gives me love, hope, and peace like no one else can give me. I John 4:19 says ‘We love because he first loved us.’” Skyler Miller,

Our Call to the Young and Unashamed

Being bold is something each of us has struggled with. Some may struggle with staying obedient to Christ while others may struggle with standing up for someone who needs help. As a generation of believers after God’s own heart, we have a responsibility to not stay quiet but in direct opposition to the norm, speak out. I know this isn’t something that comes easy. Had you told me, in high school, to do the same thing Skyler did amongst his peers, I probably would’ve coward under the enormity of the situation.

Skyler, however, had the right idea. He took the situation to God and prayed for the strength to be bold and fearless, understanding that God would equip him with all he needed in order to spread His word. We could all learn from this lesson, asking for the full shield and armor of Christ as we spread the message of God throughout a hostile battleground. The question is will we rise up to the calling?

There are a lot of broken, lost souls that need saving and many prodigal “sons” and lost sheep that need to hear God’s message. Will we leave them in the dark by being disobedient to what God has called us to do? Or will we shine when the pressure is upon us? Within today’s environment we have to carefully navigate how we go about divulging our faith but that shouldn’t stop us from doing so nor does it stop us from being effective.

We are the living, walking, breathing embodiment of God’s word if we live our life accordingly. We should be able to show others, through our actions alone, what God has to offer. We should:

-       Build a community that prays together, serves together, grows together

-       Serve as leaders after God’s own heart

-       Showcase generosity whether it’s giving time, finances or encouraging words

-       Through evangelism, share the gospel of Christ to the fallen world

-       Cultivate deep relationships with others

-       Through Teamwork and unity, work on 1 accord in 1 Spirit with 1 purpose

-       Be bold in faith, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ

-       Make more followers through discipleship

-       Proactively meet the needs of the world through outreach

-       Be an example, regardless of the direction of modern culture

So I challenge you to be bold in a world that needs a true example of God’s word. Live obediently to what God is asking, spreading the truth of Christ. Rise up and live your life in agreement that we are meant to be different!

I will #RiseUp and be bold today! #YoungAndUnashamed


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