Pornography & Strongholds Part 1

pornagraphy and strongholds What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of strongholds? I bet you said sex! Well maybe you were too embarrassed to say it however I bet you was thinking it! Come on and say it with me…...SEX!!!! There you go!!

We can talk about so many subjects when it comes sex and strongholds. For today let’s focus on one of the biggest strongholds that is affecting the Christian community. Let’s talk about pornography.

93% of boys and 62% of girls are exposed to porn before the age of 18. This has risen rapidly due to the fact the internet is now the main use for most entertainment and communication. Let’s look at this from a different view. Here are the average monthly views of popular internet sites:

  • Netflix- 46 million
  • Amazon- 110 million
  • Twitter- 160 million

ALL PORN SITES- 450 MILLION Nine times out of ten you are connected to someone who has had an issue with porn. What is the big deal when it comes to porn? How can it affect you? Let’s talk about two things porn does:

  • Porn makes you violent
  • Porn gives you the same affects as Cocaine

On the evening of his execution Ted Bundy gave an interview on how pornography made him so violent. Bundy was a serial killer who murdered as many as 50 young women and girls. Growing up Bundy was just like you and me. His parents were Christians and he was brought up on Christian values. Everything what we feel a perfect parent would be like Bundy had. At around 12 or 13 years old Bundy started looking at soft core porn. From that he started seeking out more hard core to satisfy his need. Over time Bundy started to have a stronger desire for more violent behavior that ended up causing him to act out in real life against a real person. In 1971 Ted Bundy killed his first victim. After giving into his craving he started going on a rampage ultimately killing about 50 women. Bundy does not blame Porn for killing. He blames Porn for setting and molding that behavior. Bundy stated “I've lived in prison for a long time now, and I've met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence. Without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography - deeply consumed by the addiction”. Bundy is not the only one who has stated that. They’re countless research confirming this.

Porn addiction has been compared to having an addiction to cocaine. Research shows that those who are involved in pornography have a craving that gets stronger and stronger. Those who are addicted to Cocaine have a craving that gets stronger and stronger. Pornography isolates you from people, interferes with your job, cost a lot of money, and forces you to put it first over EVERYTHING including God. Cocaine does the same thing. Pornography affects the same part of the brain as cocaine. Dr. Donald Hilton at the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center stated that dopamine is released by viewing porn. The more you view porn and act out on it the more desensitized you become. Because of this you need more and more porn to get the same affect and pleasure. This is the same with cocaine.

If you see yourself experience any of these two examples then you have a stronghold and a serious addiction. I feel led to not get into the stronghold subject just yet. It is imperative to everyone to see how much pornography has an effect on people. Next week we will discuss what is a stronghold (in terms of this subject), and what do we need to break the stronghold.

For right now let’s focus on a few questions:

  • Does my pornography addiction (or sex addiction) causing me to act out in a way that is normally not me?
  • Have I been craving things or entertaining thoughts that I never thought I would ever crave?
  • Does the things that I use speak against no longer bothers me?
  • Has my desire for God decreased?

So many of us struggle in this area but keep silent because of shame, embarrassment, or fear. I elected to keep this short because I would like for you to think. Think about the questions mentioned above. Think about what this addiction has taken away. Think about how much you have changed. There is a way out. However first we need to come to terms how much Satan desires to kill us spiritually, mentally, and ultimately physically with this. We may not think about it because we believe “this can’t happen to us” however it can. Pornography is a killer that will take us down a slippery slope and form us into something we never desired or dream to become. Yeah, it is that serious.

For those who would like to watch the full interview on Ted Bundy "The Dangers of Pornography"


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