Mini-Devotional: Worth It All

When you've had an encounter with Jesus, when you've spent day after day knowing that your eternity is secure, when you've been in his everlasting presence, when you've felt him wipe away every tear, when you begin to grasp just how much he loves you and know that you'll never be able to comprehend the vastness of his compassion and grace and mercy, you slowly begin to realize that nothing in this world truly matters.

Not money, not popularity, nothing. It is all empty and worthless and never, ever satisfies completely. Its promises always return void.

But God.

But God has given us Jesus so we can be in a relationship with him and learn more and more about what it means to live life to the full and what it means to be truly human.

And I've realized it comes down to three simple words:

Life. With. Jesus.

And I will never cease to proclaim this from the rooftops; I will sing his praise until my last breath on this earth. From the bottom of my heart, I can say that Jesus has changed my whole life, and he can change yours too. He is more beautiful, more incredible, more precious than you could ever realize. I have fallen in love with him more and more every single day and ever since that day 5 years ago when I sat on my bedroom floor and gave my life to Jesus, he has never once left my side.

He is worth it all. He is worth the ridicule, the mocking, and the battle.

He is worth it all.

Alice is 18 and from England. She gave her life to Jesus about 5 years ago, and was baptized in July 2015. She feels that she is called to creative evangelism after receiving many prophecies from various people. She's a keen musician, photographer, writer, and speaker, and she hopes to involve all of these passions when sharing the love of Jesus to the world. She looks forward to moving to a city to attend university, engrossing herself in youth culture and wider communities.