Letter From A Black Christian

Dear my Eurocentric and Non Black Evangelical Christians,

Your silence to any form of injustice is contrary to your faith, for a faith without works is simply dead.

As the news media runs rampant over the police shootings of unarmed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, I noticed the same thing I saw during the killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland. I witnessed pain coming out of the black community, met with silence from non-black communities. As a Christian, it is my faith that has allowed me to bear witness to the truth that YES, all lives do matter, so the question lingering in my heart, is why don’t black lives matter? We as Christians, both black and non-black, serve a God that confirms that we are all equally created in his image. These are the truths we choose to live by, so when we remain silent and allow oppression, racism and violence to become the image of a fellow human citizen, we are allowing those very things to challenge the image we claim to reflect.

It is through Christianity the world understands the love that our creator has for mankind. It is the Christian church that teaches us to have a relationship with God. So when chaos and police brutality runs rampant on this earth, how could we sit in silence then later say we are in relationship with God? One that doesn’t stay silent in our brokenness, but in fact sacrificed the most precious part of himself on our behalf? We claim a faith that asks us to love God and our neighbor as the law of our lives, Mark 12:30-31 so where is the conviction when you can love God and watch your neighbor die.

I would like you to please understand, supporting this nation’s black community is not affirming white people are the problem, nor does this support or promote violence against police and it won’t replace Jesus with Kwanza. Supporting black communities in a time of valid pain affirms that the church will not sit back and allow chaos to speak louder than the divine love we should have for one another.

This nation was founded on corrupted Christianity that did not represent the true love of Jesus Christ, but through unity and action from all Christians, movements such as the Civil Rights era, showed what could be accomplished when Christians take action. I sometimes question, is it because we have allowed our churches to remain separate for centuries, that we may have given sin permission to do the same in our justice systems? What we need is reconciliation amongst blacks and whites, Christians and non, and that won’t happen from a few mission trips to Africa. Reconciliation happens when our white brethren projects the love of Christ when hate tries to challenge it in communities that are different from their own.

Racial division is the weapon formed, but it has no authority to prosper if we don’t allow it. The tension of this nation has surpassed pan African colors and confederate flags, this is spiritual and THE ENTIRE BODY OF CHRIST IS NEEDED IN THIS FIGHT.

Christianity does not serve a dead God nor do we serve a God that watches over a dying people from his throne, hoping we get better. Christianity exist on the fundamentals, that humanity has a God that became flesh, to march through earth preaching against hypocrisy Luke 12. We serve a God that challenged us to fight oppression and seek justice, Isaiah 1:17. We serve a God that left his comfort to fight against all evil and pick up burdens that didn’t belong to him, that was Calvary. The black community is not asking anyone to be Christ; we are asking that Christians begin to be Christ like.

Choosing to be Christian is choosing to be active during a broken world. God came down and lived out what salvation looked like, and it wasn’t just an image of contemporary worship, anti-gay laws and abstinence, it was feeling raw emotion for the oppressed, fighting against injustice and serving those in need.

Singing and perfect attendance at church every weekend does not erase the problems going on outside. The blood of brown and black people and now law enforcement is innocently screaming out every day in this nation and comfortable worship won’t silence that. We as children of God are allowed to be angry, but not misinformed. The belief that God is not interested in the affairs of man is false and we perpetuate that lie every time we remain stagnant in our fight against sin. Yes, pray but be mindful that Christ prayed while he engaged in humanities pain.

This racial war did not begin in a doorway at Gorée Island in Africa, nor did it begin when black slaves were auctioned off in this country. It began in a garden. Since the beginning there has been a war raging over all of our hearts, black, white, brown and any other colors we use to dehumanize one another. This war isn’t produced by news segments and it won’t be settled by hash tags. Jesus is an advocate for human life, and we are all called to imitate that. Your silence is not racist; it’s just not Christ like. If we do not care about justice, then how could we tell a broken world we serve a just God? LOVE YOU



Kanesha Lenore Jean-Baptiste I am a multimedia Journalist that is dedicated to using my craft to inspire a generation unashamed to follow and fall in love with Christ. On my spare time, I blog about different lessons through journeying with the Holy Spirit. I am obsessed with writing short stories and producing documentaries focused on social issues. Through the many different facets of media, I believe it is my purpose to produce content that will inspire and educate this generation on the love of our savior Jesus Christ.