Spreading The Light Within You

Spreading the Illumination Within You: A Focused Portrayal of Evangelism

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.”
(Matthew 5:14-15 KJV)

There’s a light that has been out ever since I moved into my new cubicle at work, a subtle darkness that didn’t bother me because of the light I brought into the place in the form of a lamp. The lamp I brought in was the right amount of illumination for the slight duskiness of the area. I didn’t notice the infirmity of my thought process or of the area, because my light was all I needed. All I needed to formulate a productive time frame of work was the light that I had brought in. All I needed was the illumination of my lamp, and the few fully lit fluorescent lights overhead.

I was content in my small abode in the building, and with a light overhead that was out. Once I was fully moved in, it became a problem of concern as my supervisor asked me what I wanted to do with the light. Was I ok with the light being out? Was I ok with the duskiness of my cube? I responded more or less with a statement that showed my uncertainty on the situation. Truthfully I didn’t mind that the light was out because of the coziness it portrayed for my own space. It allowed my comfortable abode to remain comfortable, and to not be bombarded by “unnecessary,” brightness.

As I expressed this idea through my uttered phrase of: “I don’t mind it being out,” I was pressured with a question that looked for a deeper response, a question that wanted a response of factual confidence versus my own feeling on the situation. It was true that my feelings didn’t care about the slight imperfection in my cube, but my responsibility was to state whether or not I was going to do something about it or was I going to leave it as is?

It is through this focus on the light that we can take a moment to see that God’s light within us is the essence of His glory shining through us. His glory is the light of the world that is portrayed through us as we are his chosen vessels to illuminate the space, minds, and hearts of others. His light is for others to be able to experience the essence of the kingdom just like those who have been risen up from the abyss of darkness have come to realize; a knowledge that has the power to illuminate someone’s entire life, and be the guiding force behind leading others to do the same (Matthew 5:16).

My initial intent of writing this blog was to show the power of speech, and how transforming your words to a more confident utterance can be the difference between you realizing a life of full brightness, or if you are going to live a life of contentment with just your dusky realm of understanding. Are you going to expound upon the knowledge that has been given to you, and spread it to be a light for others, or are you going to be a vessel that gets so full and never shares the light that is within you?

But as I was writing this post I was struck with a new interpretation: comfortableness of your life and your perspective is what is hindering your growth. Analogous to the adaption of my cube, the comfortableness of my mindset is what was leading me to be lead by my feeling of indecisiveness on whether or not I should do something about the light. Transforming this idea to a bigger picture—the light that is out next to you, are millions of people around the world.

Millions of people aren’t illuminated because no one is doing anything to ignite the fire within them. Leaving them alone, and not caring about whether the people around us get the chance to experience the light of God, leads us to a comfortable reality with our own brightness. The light above my cubicle represented my complacent contentment with my life, as I have grown to be content with the normalcy and comfortableness of my own illumination. God's glory is shining through, but it is now my responsibility to broaden the scope of God's glory as I am pressured to walk into a more confident awareness of others around me who have their light out.

There are so many people around us who have been plagued with the unfortunate reality of darkness for too long. It should be our responsibility to be a vessel by which those people are transported from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light (Colossians 1:13). The complacent mentality of your mind, should then be transformed to owning a portion of responsibility toward taking ownership of the light that is shared around you. The light that is within you cannot be spread and shared unless you as a vessel put on a perspective of caring about whether or not your fellow people of the world get translated into the comfortable abode you have come to know so well.

I'm from St. Paul, MN. I am currently a third year student at the University of Minnesota, studying Mathematics. Along with going to school, I am a very active member at Glorious Triumphant Church in St. Paul, MN. As an enthusiastic young person, I enjoy spending time with Jesus, talking about the beauty of living a saved lifestyle, and getting lost in the Word of God. I like to encourage others through my passion and enthusiasm for living for Christ, and because of that I try to seek God in all that I do!