Happy Thanksgiving From Unashamed Impact

As a family, here at Unashamed Impact, we want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving full of joy and happy tidings.  During this holiday season, challenge yourself to think of all the ways God has blessed you this year and choose that joy over any negative thinking about what you don’t have.  Please, be safe and know you have a family of prayer warriors praying for you.  If you need someone, reach out to us!


I wanted to use this segment to give thanksgiving and sure what I’m most thankful for.  I challenge you to take to social media or any outlet where you see this article and share your reason for thanksgiving using the hashtag #MyReason4Thanksgiving.

This year has been a trying time for me personally, but I’ve found many more reasons to just be thankful for what God has blessed me with.  Earlier this year, I was so ungrateful for what God had done in my life but I want to change that. My reason for thanksgiving simply lies in the promises God has made to me.  I wake up each day, full of purpose that is just waiting to be untapped.  I’m able to breathe, see, taste, feel, hear and enjoy all of God’s wonderful creation.

Most importantly, I thank God for this platform he’s given me to be able to talk to you.  Honestly, I was that kid who hated writing in school.  That has since changed and I found a family at Unashamed Impact that allowed me to not only write upon such a wonderful platform but also become part of such an amazing family.  Seriously, it was something so different to me when I came on board.  I didn’t know how to respond with so much love.  If someone hasn’t heard from me in a while, they’ll check on me.  If I’m going through something, I always have an ear.  This outpouring of love has seriously changed a lot of negative nuances I had and I’m entirely thankful.  I don’t take this platform lightly and I always want to share God’s perfect message.  So…

#MyReason4Thanksgiving is my Unashamed Impact Family

Love You!!