Gomer: You Are For Him

She was not for everyone, but she was for me.” - Atticus

Seeing this quote can bring a lot of things to my mind. But a story that it takes my mind to is the story of Hosea. In the beginning of Hosea we see that God is calling Hosea to marry a “promiscuous woman” (Hosea 1:2) and that woman Hosea chose to marry was Gomer. We don’t know if she was seen as promiscuous before Hosea had married her or if God was letting Hosea know that Gomer would later transition into that lifestyle. Jump a couple chapters forward and we see what was said come to life, we see that Gomer had left Hosea and entered into the world of prostitution, where Hosea did what some would say is unthinkable…Hosea bought his wife back. Gomer was someone that very few people wanted, “she was not for everyone”, but she was for him.

Promiscuous is defined as “having or involving many sexual partners” and it is also defined as “including or involving too many people or things: not limited in a careful or proper way.” Promiscuity is seen as a pathway to unfaithfulness. Maybe you wouldn’t consider your life promiscuous; you don’t view yourself as being an unfaithful person but….look at that second definition again. In today’s day and age, we are a generation that is constantly wanting more and doing more. That means more things on our schedules, more people to see, more things to plan, more events to attend. With a lifestyle of always wanting more, where does God come into the picture of your life? Is God your one and only, or is He your one of many? Are you promiscuous? Are you a Gomer?

I am a Gomer. There have been times where I have been easily conformed to what the world says will fulfill me. I have sought after more friendships, more relationships, more jobs, more money, and the list could go on. I have been a person who kept bringing on more and more into my life while I left God on the side for the nightly 5-minute talks if I could fit Him into my schedule that is. I became so consumed with things that are temporary and things that leave a void, which pretty soon I left the only One who could fill the emptiness I felt inside. I had left the One who had called me His bride, the only One whose love is true.

I am a Gomer because I ran away and turned to other things, I felt as if I was nothing to no one, I felt as if I was worth little to nothing, but also like Gomer, Someone paid a price to gain me back. Maybe you feel like a Gomer that you’ve traveled too far for someone to love you that your “promiscuity” is something that causes God to look down on you. I am here to tell you that the Someone that paid a price for you was Jesus. He gave the ultimate price to have you in His life and nothing you have done can change how He feels about you. No matter how far you may think you have sunk, God was willing to buy you back by sending His Son - to redeem you- and to lift you up again.  You may be a “Gomer” but to God, you are still worth the price and will always be worth the price that was paid. You may be someone that feels like “you aren’t for everyone” or maybe even no one but I can tell you ARE for Him, and will always be for Him. He’s already paid your price; He’s just waiting for you to come Home.

Brooke is a 21 year old Ohio native currently majoring in Early Childhood Education at Miami University. "I am living proof that God never stops pursuing us even when we run from Him. "