Exercising Christian "Customer Service"

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.” - Colossians 3:23 NKJV

While attending a local community event at my dear friend’s church, I immediately was given an interesting stare by one of the program instructors. As this four-week program continued on, the woman finally blurted out one day, “so that’s where I remember you!” Ironically, she was a regular customer at a local convenience store that I once worked for years prior.

As soon as she mentioned the job, I thankfully rested assured that I gave her exceptional customer service. I had recently given my life fully to Jesus in that season and found joy every day sharing my walk with Christ to customers and fellow coworkers. In addition, I regularly purchased sweet desserts that may have also kept my adrenaline going as well :-). Even years later, I was glad to be met by a smiling face who could recall my Christian customer service. 

Although I held a high standard of excellence in this position, it was not done for the absolute best reason. I was simply elated to purchase delectable food through their complementary employee discounts (YUM!). However, as a Christian woman, it is my duty to work with excellence to show a dying world Christ-like character in the workplace. Ministry is a full-time job that doesn’t end after church on Sunday; it must always continue on as you attend school and go to work.

While studying Colossians 3, I stumbled upon two separate verses that deal with our conduct that include our business affairs. The apostle Paul shares both in Colossians 3:17 and 23 that we are to do EVERYTHING in the name of the Lord. We are called to do our assigned work, whether it be in ministry or the marketplace, wholeheartedly. It does not matter whether we are seen by others; there should be an internal desire to carry out diligent and proficient work as believers. Our employers at our job on campus or executive position in corporate finance only come second to our True Boss - the Lord God Himself. Because we serve Him, we are all to work with willing hands (Proverbs 31:13). How does God receive glory in and through your work? Yes, worldly success may come; but, remember our true reward is in Him. 

As you enter this upcoming work week, remember the encouraging command we are given in Ephesians 6:7: “Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” If you do not work in an environment conducive for any form of evangelism, show your love for Jesus in doing a job well done. Greet customers with a hearty smile. COME TO WORK ON TIME.

I personally struggled with timeliness in the past until a fellow believer posed this question to me: “how can others know you serve an on-time God if you aren’t on time yourself?” I have shown up early every day since. In addition, show a genuine desire to provide service in their lives as best as you can. There should always be a positive difference in how a true disciple of Jesus Christ works from those who do not know Him yet as Lord and Savior. Our diligence should compel others to know Who and what we stand for. In addition to Holy Spirit led conversations about becoming an obedient disciple of Jesus Christ, your integrity and morality on the job speak volumes of God’s character as well. Lastly, remember that all great men and women of faith started in minutely low occupations that built their character for extraordinary ministry later. Examples of this are David (shepherd boy to Israel’s chosen king), Joseph (foreign slave to Egypt’s prime minister), and most importantly, our Lord Jesus (carpenter to Eternal Savior).

Here are a list of a few questions to help you examine your Christian customer service:

1) Can my employer count on me to arrive on time? Ephesians 6:7 says we work for the Lord; how would God grade your timely performance?

2) Do others trust that I can keep my word? James 4:13 and James 5:12 warns against idle promises; keep your “yes” yes and your “no” no.

3) Can others count on me to give godly and skillful advice? Prov. 31:26 states that when a sound businesswoman opens her mouth, wisdom, and loving instruction will always come forth.

4) How can I use my work to better aid the community in which I live in? Job 29:12-25 shows how a social entrepreneur effectively bettered his community as a whole through his godly service.

5) Lastly, from my work, can others see Jesus in me? Colossians 4:5-7 and 2 Timothy 2:24-26 both show that if we, the church, wisely govern ourselves among unbelievers that they can be freed and saved! 

Please know that I also have learned from trial and error that my work ethic has positively and negatively affected the colleagues and customers I encounter. You truly never know how much of an impact you can leave on a customer who sees you work tirelessly to help them. You may be the only sight of Jesus this person sees; because so, treat everyone you meet with the respect He gave them by dying on the cross for them VOLUNTARILY. Let’s all decide today to mirror the image of Jesus as He willingly completed all the tasks He was assigned on earth with excellence. God bless you!

Lordess Shabazz is a Christian woman who absolutely loves Jesus and blogging about Him. She focuses on biblical womanhood and Christian stewardship. She's also a Sunday school teacher, servant leadership instructor, Veggie Tales enthusiast, and cheesecake connoisseur.