Devotional: Lessons From Laundry

This week has been stressful! I was given some extra responsibility at work in addition to planning our church’s youth camp and all my regular weekly commitments. Needless to say, my house has suffered immensely. For over a week now, I’ve moved the same pile of clean laundry from the bed to the floor and to the bed again, serving as just one more reminder of how I’m not measuring up.

But then God spoke to me, and as He showed me his message behind the laundry, I began to feel at peace again. While I may be alone in piling high stacks of clean laundry to be dealt with later, we are all guilty of doing this in our spiritual and emotional lives. We walk around carrying our own piles of laundry. Some people carry fairly clean loads, having the strength not to deter from the main road onto life’s messier paths. Others carry loads of dirty laundry, splotched with stains and full of holes long in need of a proper mending. Still, whether we are hauling around clean loads or dirty loads or somewhere in between, we are all carrying loads. This is so unnecessary, especially when our loving Creator is following us around, pursuing us, with His arms open wide ready to take the full weight of our loads upon Himself.

He doesn’t care how stained or muddy or torn we are; He created us. He knows the plans He has for us, (Jeremiah 29:11) and He can’t wait to see us actively working and thriving in His kingdom. If only we’d hand over our rags, He’d take them, mend them, clean them, and clothe us in a whole new wardrobe, one fitting for His royal sons and daughters.

So what are we waiting for? Why do we continue to strain ourselves, struggling to juggle all the pieces in our pile of dirty laundry? Why don’t we just hand it all over to Him? 

Written by Kayla Shown-Dean

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Bio: Kayla Shown-Dean is a Student Development Specialist at Arkansas State University in Beebe and a volunteer youth leader at the Searcy Church of the Nazarene. She is also the author of the upcoming Ferocity Series, Muted, and Autumn Leaflets: a Collection of Poetry. On her summers off, Kayla will most likely be found outdoors spending time with her husband and son, going on long walks with the family dog, or working in the vegetable garden.