Clubs-To-Clubs: College Evangelism

As we draw closer to the new academic school year, I am honored to share with you my testimony from my undergraduate studies. As a freshman in a four-year private university, I wanted to fit in with the popular crowd - BADLY. I remember my first opportunity going to a campus student life function - UTTER FAILURE. I arrived fashionably late and found that because my significant other at that time had left the party, he was unable to go back in. Plans failed, and we went to watch old episodes of Martin or Dave Chappelle instead. Fast-forward to my junior year, a now single woman, standing outside of a fraternity party in heels. A good friend from high school purchased my tickets and another close friend even drove me there. This sounds like a perfectly free opportunity to have a good time, right?

All throughout that evening I looked around the party and saw absolutely lost souls. Yes, I tried to dance, barely. I even tried to sip an alcoholic beverage - disgusting! I slowly but surely found out that every time I tried to participate in “college fun,” I ran into disasters or emergencies. I distinctly remember the latter half of that same night searching to and fro for drunken friends and even carrying one all the way home. It was the last party that I ever attended. I sincerely desired community and acceptance, but none of this could be found in the nightlife/college club scene. After carrying a drunken woman all the way to her room like the “mommy dearest” I have always been named as, I learned that my purpose lied in helping others becoming whole. However, I had no idea on how to become whole in the first place for myself.

Since I grew up in church, it was my next option. Whenever situations got overwhelmingly tough in college, I sought after and ran to church. I even remember asking a random, yet assigned stranger, at a bus stop about her church. She sent me to her sister’s church that was local and powerful; it was there that my entire life changed. I began to seek out Christian fellowship right on campus and found an amazing church that met each week at my university interfaith chapel.

I had absolutely no idea that it existed; it was like I was looking for Jesus who is our Peace but overlooked Him at the same time. This small, yet powerful church community redirected my life towards purity, holiness, and evangelism. I began to serve with the campus Christian club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, for the rest of my time as an undergraduate student. It was the first and only “club” I found true acceptance, transparency, and liberty.

I often smile just thinking of the days we walked around our entire campus claiming souls and revival. We established “Thursday Night Prayer” where we interceded every Thursday from 12AM to 3AM for students who went out to party. We prayed for their safe travel, conviction to change, and eventual salvation in Jesus. What started as a chapel with two intercessors turned into an all out war room by the end of the year.

The prayers and prophecies of those dedicated nights of worship changed each of our lives for the better FOREVER. I want to encourage you as you go to school to find and bring Jesus with you. He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. If He has become distant, it is us that have moved away from Him temporarily. If you would have told me that I would go from twerking in a night club to working as an intercessor in a Christian student club in one year, I would have LAUGHED right in your face.

However, God, just as He did with Sarah when she laughed at her promise, says today to you and me- “Is there anything to hard for Me?” God has used me mightily to witness to student through open preaching and also just as a quiet example to others of different faiths who wanted to see if Jesus is real. One day in a legal studies course, a professor asks each of us the question - “what is love to you?” Some stated their significant others, parents, and even money. However, when it was my turn, I simply stated God. Everyone got incredibly quiet, and my professor immediately stated - “thank you, John the Baptist” as the class exploded into laughter. I joined in the laughter and quickly said “amen” because by that point that I finally found that my purpose was not in the degree I was pursuing - but in the God I was serving.

You will run into much warfare and persecution; the college environment is where very place where souls are saved or lost! However, remember that the battle is NOT YOURS - but it is the LORD’S! Because He is Alpha (First) and Omega (Last), trust that He will strengthen you to do His work whether it be standing up to professors in a class room or simply offering a prayer desk at a student lounge for a few hours a week. Also, make sure to share that He is ALPHA with Alphas and that He is indeed Omega with Omegas.

Working with the Greek community was one of my favorite and fondest memories. Many people grew up in church and desire to know Jesus. They just need us to be Christ-like and love them as we are commanded to do. Also, be open to working with different clubs on campus to share Christ boldly (co-partnership for social causes like Soles4Souls) and quietly (strong work ethic also shows others your relationship with Christ). Use discernment and always be covered in fervent prayer. As you do the work of evangelist, I believe He will be GREATLY glorified and magnified! God bless you!

Lordess Shabazz is a Christian woman who absolutely loves Jesus and blogging about Him. She focuses on biblical womanhood and Christian stewardship. She's also a Sunday school teacher, servant leadership instructor, Veggie Tales enthusiast, and cheesecake connoisseur.