Bible Study: Does God Hurt Us to Help Us?

Joseph did everything right but evil still came to Him. God had deposited a dream on the inside of Joseph and he was committed to fulfilling it. However, what started as a blessing turned into turmoil and he ended up in prison. His brothers were jealous and tried to kill him. Later, he ends up with an awesome job serving a rich ruler named Potiphar. However, this man’s wife lies on Joseph claiming rape. Joseph was charged and we find him in a prison. However, Joseph had favor on his life. We see this years later as Joseph is taken from the pit and uses his gift in a way that changes his life forever more. He ends up being second in command next to Pharaoh, the King of the Land.

What would Joseph say about the disappointments that he faced? Well let's look at what he says to his brothers when he tells them that they are forgiven.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. - Genesis 50:20 (NLT)

If that’s not enough, let’s look at Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28 does not mean that the all things are good. Were the terrible events that happened to Joseph good? Do you believe that God allows bad to happen to us in order for Him to get the glory?

This is actually not biblical. I believe that we try to make sense of the evil that happens in our lives by bringing religion, instead of relationship, into the context of our circumstances. God is the opposite of evil. It would be unlike a father to use something evil in order to teach us good. The enemy is evil and he is the only one who uses evil.

However, God has the ability to take something bad that happened to us and pushes back the darkness to show us who we are in Him. When we look at the events that happen to us, various things are usually the cause. If you lost your job, can we claim that God took that job to give you a better one? That company is the one who took away your job. Don’t blame God.

When I lost my grandmother, I wanted to blame God. I thought to myself that this was happening because He wanted to take her home. However, my father quickly put that idea in the trash. My grandmother had a terrible sickness and immediately fell ill. She died two weeks after. What killed her was the sickness in her body. What killed her were the diseases in this earth that fall on the human race brought into the earth due to sin since the fall of Adam.

Someone brought up Job to me one day as an example that God clearly takes things away. Let’s go to Job 1:20-21!

Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped. And he said: ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.’

Now, let’s also look at the #1 misused scripture probably in the bible, Job 13:5!

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

When we face circumstances, we must view them through the eyes and the character of God and not our own flesh. However, you will have a “flesh moment.” Job had a “flesh moment.” Job was experiencing the worst kind of experience ever. Job’s experience is the only instance in the bible where God took down the walls of protection and the enemy tried Job’s faith to try to prove to God that Job would break away from God.

I can not tell you how many times I’ve heard Job 13:5 quoted, placed in songs, and shared all over social media. Unless you know that God and the enemy are having a conversation right now about testing you in this particular way, please do not claim to have a Job experience because I can guarantee you that you are not. However, we do face some crazy things in life! Job was so confused. When we read these scriptures in context, we see that Job was not informed about the conversation that God and the enemy had in reference to Job being tried by the enemy.

Job assumed that God was trying Him when in actuality it was the enemy and not God. However, when we don’t understand this book of the Bible we go around screaming that we are Job and how God is slaying us. Are you sure God is slaying you or is it the enemy? We claim that God is testing us because of our evil coworkers or our marriage. However, God has nothing to do with these things. God wants you to depend on Him in spite of!

So let’s wrap all of this together. If we go back to Romans 8:28, we can now understand that God can turn horrible circumstances in our favor but He does not create them. I know someone who was raped by a loved one. We of course know that the rape was pure evil. However, God did get the glory out of this ugly situation because she in turn started a non-profit that helps empower other young people who have experienced molestation and rape. God empowered her to love and forgive those who did wrong to her. God empowered her to start her non-profit. God empowered her to see that He loved her in spite of the thoughts she had about her life. That’s the love of God. That’s what a father does. He does not hurt us to help us. He heals us to help someone else including our own hearts.

God does not permit evil on a child of God that is in covenant with Him. However, when we fall outside of God’s will, we no longer have that covering. There are passages all in the Old Testament where the Israelites lived in disobedience & rebelled against God and ended up being overtaken by the enemies of the land. God could not protect them.

Some of you may ask: Why does God allow evil then?

God gives us free will. When sin entered into the earth, it damaged how we saw one another. People have corrupt and evil hearts. Not everyone thinks through God’s eyes. Sickness and pain also entered into the earth because they are all characteristics of sin. If God intervened every time something horrible happened, we would no longer have free will. Our trust would also never grow. Also, some hurt and pain that we face are caused by our own decisions. The point is that due to sin, our lives will never be perfect. That’s a fact. However, God give us the power to fight back at the evil around us with His Word and His promises! That’s the hope that we have!

So summing it all up, we must realize that God does not use evil to teach us a lesson. Instead, He can turn what the enemy tried to kill us with into something that is very beautiful. I was speaking to one of the young women I mentor about spiteful friends. I told her: What some meant as a dagger to stab you in the back with, God can use that same knife as a kitchen knife to cut up meat to serve the homeless in a food shelter.

What did I mean by that? God is on our side. He’s the light in the darkness. He comes in the middle of the evil and shows us the way out. He shows us how we can make the best out of bad situations. He helps us to have faith in Him in spite of what we see around us. That’s the kind of God that we serve! That’s how you face challenges in your life. That’s the life of faith!

Genesis Dorsey is a creative based in Delaware who loves to connect people to people and ultimately to Jesus Christ. She is the founder of Girls of Royalty, a Christian-based women's network, and the owner of two digital companies specializing in design and branding. She spends her free time writing and volunteering at her local church.