Artist Spotlight: Gee for Good

What if God wanted to use you but you were running in the opposite direction?

Meet Paul Gee. He is an artist and entrepreneur with a creative hand and keen heart shaping communication, production, and music. But this has not always been his story. Paul’s venture into singing began reluctantly. His sisters sing and at 11 years old he assumed singing was for girls. His outlet was basketball. But our God had other plans.  

Are you running from God’s plan for your life?

His mother forced him to audition for his church choir. At the beginning of the audition, Paul purposely was not singing his best. Midway through his half-hearted rendition of Ruben Studdard’s, “I need an angel,” Paul realized he needed to care. He was accepted and made it into the choir beginning his career in music. But more importantly, God used music to grow Paul. In his own words, “God became personal.”  

Has God become personal to you?

As Paul drew nearer to God he trusted and loved God more. This journey grew Paul’s understanding of God - His commitment to provide skill, resources, confidence and ability to accomplish His will. This discovery gave Paul the confidence to dare to be different even musically. You’ll hear this difference in his work. Through this adventure creativity became a natural result - Paul discovered gifts in writing, rapping, and producing that allowed him to release an EP and his first mix-tape only three years after joining the choir. Trust My Transparency: TTFR was met with great approval and he has not slowed down. 

What are you chasing?

Paul makes music to accomplish his life's mission - “to influence and inspire with the essence of transparency.” He describes himself not as a Christian artist, but instead as simply an artist who expresses what’s real through music - relationships with women, his confidence in God and the joy he experiences in life through triumph and setback.

Paul’s work is meant to reach beyond the labels of Gospel, hip hop, and pop to be a source of fresh, honest, grounded and fun encouragement in a market saturated by the familiar. On the heels of his first fully mastered work, #GameFace, promises to stir your heart and inspire you toward ambition, hope, and greatness. The mix of rapping and singing linking his faith to his artistry are meant to unlock your potential. 

What do your work, talent, and ambition inspire in others?

The process of this new release demonstrates Paul’s reliance on God and his personal testimony.  Paul and Aaron Gibbs of Double A Hit Music who executive produced the album prayed before each session.  In his words, “God flowed” helping them orchestrate melodies, hooks, and sounds.  He credits the completed work to God’s kind genius and his musical partner's support. 

Who helps you accomplish that God-sized dream in your heart?

Inspired by the work of Drake, Tye Tribbett, Big Sean, Tonex, Ty Dolla Sign, Paul Gee’s work is meant to invite you to sit back, relax and think.  Nearly a thousand eager fans preordered the album to do just that.  Purchase the album, Game Face, online wherever music is sold. 

An artist deeply committed to the process of creating good music and to relying on a good God.  Paul Gee. Gee for good.  Keep up with Paul Gee’s electric speed @  Follow him at: #TTFR Instagram @paulgeetv.   

Like Paul Gee, I pray you would allow God to become personal to you that He may light up your life for His glory. #GameFace #TTFR.

Amelia E. Thompson loves to see God create possibility out of what appears to be impossible. She became a Christian during her sophomore year in college. She and friends developed We Write Life into a platform for building community around issues of justice, reconciliation and forgiveness. Thanks to God’s guidance and kindness, she completed studies at Vassar College and St. John’s University and is completing a certificate in Youth and Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.