A Call To Share God's Word

I can’t tell how you were saved, everyone came to accept and believe in Jesus differently. Some of us were born into Christian homes where the word was planted into our hearts right from the onset and we believed.

Some of us rebelled and went out into the world to find our purpose and sort for pleasure but one circumstance or event got us trapped; we had to look back and there we made that life-changing decision of accepting Jesus.

Some of us had someone sit us down and tell us what good it was to be with Christ. We all have various accounts of how we came to believe and accept the sacrifice Christ made on our behalf. Whatever it was, we are glad about taking that step and we don’t regret it, ever.

So then we ask, are we willing to help others make such decisions in their lives? The Bible says the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few; there are a lot people out there who need to hear our testimonies, the life-changing decision that has never let us down. They need to experience the peace and joy we are living in Christ.

As believers, we have been mandated to carry out the great commission of our faith as Matthew 28: 18-20 instructs. We are to go forth into the world and make disciples, we are to reach out to our lost brethren and save them from destruction.

Sometimes we really want to heed this instruction and go, but we seem lost as to how to approach people in other to share with them what we believe. We fear being laughed at, insulted, humiliated and sent away. But in all this we are still expected to go and carry out this command.

Some of us also come up with the excuse of being too young to share our faith, we are just trying to find means to avoid going, but again we are reminded that there’s no time to waste for as we wait and procrastinate daily, souls are being lost and perishing. In Jeremiah 1:4-9, when Jeremiah complained about being too young to serve, God assured him he was going to be with him through it all so he shouldn’t fear. Today, God gives us that same assurance he’s going to lead us when we are willing to step up and share our faith with others.

We can also share our faith through our lifestyle and trust me, it’s the easiest. Do we live according to what we preach? Do people know us for the faith we share? We should live Godly lives so people would know what we really stand for. If not, when we want to reach out to them they would be in doubts us to what we really stand for. In Matthew 5: 14-16 we are admonished to let our lights shine before all men that they would see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven.

We shouldn’t be ashamed by our faith. If we are embarrassed about something there’s no way we could talk someone into getting into it. We should be proud of our faith in Christ and boldly profess it for others to know our stand.

Some people have hardened hearts, no matter how we force they won’t listen and believe. Our part is to reach out to these lost souls and allow God to touch their hearts and change them for his good.

Witnessing should be a daily activity for us as believers; we shouldn’t give excuses or procrastinate. We should just focus and let people know what we believe in, we can do it in little ways such as our lifestyle, serving others diligently and praying for those who don’t know Christ to encounter him in their daily live.

Nana Amma Saah is a 21 year old Ghanaian Christian, striving on a daily basis to be and live life like Christ. Nana loves to reach out to people and make an impact in any way she can, positively.