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#90DayBibleChallenge | The Beginning | Week 1 | By Gregory A. Keels

#90DayBibleChallenge | The Beginning | Week 1 | By Gregory A. Keels


                The time is now upon us!!! For the third year in a row we are doing our #90DayBibleChallenge. For some of us this is our first time. For others this is a year of redemption because we failed last year. Finally of course there are the ones who have successfully done this one or two times already but know each time we go through this event new revelation is revealed.

                Whatever category you fit in I just want to say welcome to this journey!! Over the next 90 days you are going to be challenged more spiritually than you even been challenged before. You are going to read stories you never heard before, you going to see scripture in a way that you have never seen before. This is going to be a milestone in your spiritual walk! I am so glad I get the privilege of being part of it with you all!!!

                So how about I introduce myself? My name is Gregory Keels. I am from Columbus Ohio but I now live in New York City. I am the oldest of my mother’s children, second oldest with my father’s children. I am also a recent graduate of Nyack Theological Seminary. I am single, never been married, and I have no children. I received salvation when I was 14 years old but did not get serious about God until I was 21. I grew up wanting to be a police officer then a teacher however I settled with working in the social welfare department.  I now work with an agency that helps homeless teenage mothers.

                Over the next three months I will be writing weekly blogs. The blogs will be based on the readings over the following week. God laid this on my heart and thankfully the Unashamed Impact Team is allowing me to do this. Think of this as a weekly bible study. It will be my job to help you understand some of the main points of the bible. Trust me this is going to be fun! Each week I will outline the main points of the whole readings, pick one topic to go more in depth, leave some things for you to ponder, and other surprises here and there. Some blog entries may be long while others short. Regardless how long or short it is each week you should be able to have a better understanding of the readings. So how about we get started?

Genesis is a book of beginnings.  During our first week we have been reading about God forming Man, destroying man, starting over, and setting covenants. Here are some important lessons I have learned so far:

  1. Holy Spirit, Jesus, God really are actually one and have been together since the beginning of time. 

    Gen. 1:26 states “God said let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness, let them rule”. Who was God talking to? Some say it could had been the angels. It would be hard to believe that considering nowhere in the bible does it states angels are made in Gods image. It does say though in John 10:30 that Jesus and his father are one. Also in Gen 1:27 it says we were made in his image.

  2. God is always calling us. However we may be listening to other voices.

    In Gen 2:8 it talks about the very first time sin entered man. When Adam and eve bit the fruit their eyes were opened and they hid. Sin will ALWAYS cause you to hide from God. However even in the time we do hide God is still calling us. When Adam stated he was hiding because he was naked God asked him “who told you?   God never told them they were naked because I believe they were covered by the Holy Spirit. Even in their nakedness however God still wanted them to take responsibility. If we look deeper in scripture to verse 21 it shows that God still had enough grace to cover them. He didn’t need to do this. However because of the love he had for them he still provided a cover.

  3. Rather I am 33 or 100 or even 500 if God has a plan that includes Children it shall happen!!

Okay this is more of a personal lesson. I have turned 33 and now the thought in my head about having kids is getting bigger and bigger. Family and friends now question me When is it going to happen and if it is too late. Have that thought ever ran through your head? Maybe not children but how about losing weight? Or how about going back to school? Do you feel that you are past your prime to do a certain thing? An important lesson to look at this week is that


  1. Life may not go the way you plan. However God has it planned out just for that one shining moment in your life!!

    Joseph was beat up, thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, thrown into jail on a bogus charge, helped a person get out of prison just to forget all about him up until the King had this dream. This is for all of you dreamers. Those who felt God gave you this big huge assignment only to be persecuted and stuck doing something else. God has a way of putting you in position for that dream to come into reality. I bet Joseph didn’t really think he was going to be second in command all of Egypt. I bet sitting in prison he felt the dreams he had were never going to come true. What he didn’t know was that God was setting him up from the time his brothers sold him into slavery till the time he was in prison. Do not give up that dream!!!! God knows what he is doing! If he said he was going to do it then he is going to do it!!

What to look for next week?

                As I said I will be blogging about at least one thing more in depth on the reading for the following week. Hopefully the blogs will go out every Sunday. So for this coming week April 5th through the 11th we will be covering exodus 15 to Numbers 21. Here are some highlights:

  1. The 10 Commandments

    What is interesting is that the 10 commandments were given by God. However those were not the only laws given. Chapters 21-23 of Exodus had other laws that were just as important.

  2. The Tabernacle

    This is really interesting. God is giving Moses specific instructions on the Tabernacle to the point you see how demanding and also Holy God is. Everything has to be in perfection. God is very specific and precise to the point we could rebuild the Tabernacle and the Arc of the Covenant exactly how it was made when Moses was alive.

  3. The different offerings. When you start reading about the burnt offerings you will see how God commanded everyone to produce some type of offering. Just like with paying tithes you will see that the offerings were depended on what you had. If you was rich you was responsible to provide a large cattle, those in the middle class were responsible for a sheep or a goat, and the poor were responsible for a turtle-dove, or a pigeon.  Whatever offering that was being offered had to be the best of the flock.

    Since we are in the Easter season let’s take a closer look at Sin offering. If you have not seen the Passion of Christ you should!!! One of the reasons why I like this movie is because of how brutal and gruesome they beat Jesus. By the time Jesus was on the cross he was a bloody mess. Some say that was too much to show however it is a perfect example of how the sin offering went down. It was a bloody mess!

    Sin offerings were a required act for every sinful act or thought. These sins were also done out of ignorance, people not knowing. Those who willfully committed a sin were cut off and subject to whatever punishment God had commanded. Sin offerings were done once a year.  When a priest was getting ready to do a sin offering he would bring a bullock without blemish that would be good enough for everyone in the camp. However if he was doing it for one particular person then he would use a kid goat. Those who sinned would confess their sin and acknowledge they should be the ones dying not this animal. Then it would get violent. The priest would kill the animal and take the blood and sprinkle it seven times before the veil, then he would pour the blood on the golden alter (because the priest ministered there so he was freeing himself of these sins holding onto him), then the remainder of the blood was poured at the foot of the brazen alter.

    Picture it. One of the most Holy places now has blood all over it due to our sins. Then after the offering the animal was carried out outside of the camp and burned till it was all ashes. When this happened it showed that God puts sin behind him after he forgives. When you read though this this week I want you to think about how violent, bloody, and holy it had to be back then for our sins to be forgiven. Think about how one man a priest who was tied to a rope just in case he died because he was not worthy enough to go into the holy of the holies had to pour blood all over one of the holiest places on earth just to save you and me. Then think about Jesus. How he was beaten to the point his bones showed and then crucified so that our sins can be forgiven. I am sorry but salvation is not free. Salvation cost a high price. A lot of blood was shed so we can receive this gift of salvation. Do not take this gift lightly.

    So let me know what have you learned so far in the readings? What has God spoken to you? What do you want to know more about? This 90 day process is not just about reading the bible. This process is about gaining something you have never gained before. This is a challenge. Happy reading and see you next week!!     


    Gregory A Keels II | @GregoryAKeels