8 Areas To Discipline In Your Life

While we are in the sixth month of this year, I want to ask you one simple question. Have you achieved any of your goals yet? Each year, we create our annual agendas, target budgets, and action plans to create the “BEST YEAR YET.” Sadly, we often find that our goals remain on a sheet of paper with no progress or profit to show for it.

Any commitment without discipline will always remain unfulfilled. To truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ, you must become disciplined. In addition, to achieve any goal in your life as a Christian man or woman, you must be made well. It is just simple. The greatest example of miraculous victory over dysfunction was displayed in the life of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:25-34.

Her testimony alone should propel all of us towards such wellness. Once you are made well by Jesus, He offers deliverance to break old habits that hinder your life in Him! Thankfully, through the Holy Spirit, each of us can receive His Help to maintain this victory through proper discipline. It was Jesus’ sacrificial work of the cross that set us free from the bondage of sin, generational curses, and failures that kept us from being our absolute best. Now, it is time to walk in your God-given liberty and fulfill your God-given destiny.  

Here are the eight areas of wellness that you must discipline yourself now!

1) Spiritual - True spiritual wellness is found in Jesus alone. As a consequence of living in a sin-sick world, we are all born into iniquity. Just as the woman with the issue of blood realized, all of our issues begin in the spiritual realm. It is with great emphasis that I share with you: have a strong prayer life with Jesus. Spend time daily in His Word to build your inner man and be renewed daily in His way. By just touching Jesus, a woman’s life was forever changed. What can He do in you? 

2) Emotional - Emotional wellness is described as one’s ability to cope effectively with life and create functional/satisfying relationships. In Proverbs 4:23, we learn that your heart affects your entire being. As your “source of life,” you must take heed to the Word of God when life shakes your very foundation. Jesus guaranteed that we would endure trouble in this life (John 16:33). However, He also promised to never leave or forsake us so your heart DOES NOT ever have to be troubled.

TIP: Meditate on Scriptures that deal with your current situation. If you lack peace, read Isaiah 26:3 which states that He will surely give it to you.

3) Physical - Physical wellness is described as one’s ability to recognize the need for physical activity, diet, sleep, and nutrition. The Apostle Paul shares in 1 Corinthians 9:27 that he disciplined his own body like an athlete, to master it. You can have control over your body. Take back your health by exercising and dieting!

TIP: Find what kind of exercise and diet works best for you. When exiled to Babylon, Daniel opted to strictly eat vegetables and water. In result, he served WELL into his old age with the spirit of excellence WELL above all his peers. 

4) Environmental - Environmental wellness is described as one’s ability to achieve good health by occupying a pleasant and stimulating environment that supports well being/function. Our great patriarch in the faith, Abraham, was promised an everlasting possession and covenant with God in the land of Canaan. However, to achieve such success, he had to leave the gods of his forefathers that were unhealthy to his relationship with God. In his obedience, he will bless.

TIP: Ask God what and where will He perform His work in you this week. You may be surprised to where He will send you through your obedience.  

5) Financial - Financial wellness is described as one’s satisfaction with current and future financial situations. It is said, without a doubt, that finance plays a significant role in your wellness- POINT, BLANK, PERIOD. In Proverbs 3:9, we learn that we all are to honor God with our wealth - regardless the amount. Be a faithful and fruitful steward of all He gives you.

TIP: Be content and ask for your daily bread. True wealth is stored up in heaven with our King Jesus.

6) Occupational - Occupational wellness is described as one’s personal satisfaction and enrichment derived from one’s work. In Colossians 3:23, you will find that we work as to the Lord - not to men. Our work environments are an additional place to work in ministry. It is not a place to bash others with your faith; by simply, doing exceptional work as if you work for Jesus HIMSELF; others will see and glorify Him.

TIP: Seek the Lord to learn about additional gifts He has placed on the inside of you for entrepreneurship to build His Kingdom.

7) Relational - Relational wellness is described as one’s ability to develop a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system. In John 13:34-35, Jesus tells His disciples that as we love one another - we show that we belong to Him in the world. Having well-rounded friendships with other believers as you attend church and fellowship is the necessary protection God gives us as we go out into this world as sheep among wolves.

The greatest example of a godly friendship was between David and Jonathan. In David’s time of uprising, Jonathan served as an additional set of eyes and ears to protect him. When David become king, He outlived his infamous psalm, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread,” by showing relational compassion toward the now deceased Jonathan’s only son - Mephibosheth.

TIP: Ask God how to kindness to a friend in need. Remember Proverbs 18:24: show yourself friendly!

8) Intellectual - Intellectual wellness is described as one’s creative abilities and finding ways to expand such knowledge and skills.  But often, people forget that He studied within His Father’s house at the age of twelve. Along with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, as prophesied in Isaiah 11:2, Jesus studied to show His own self approved. He had wisdom, understanding, counsel, and knowledge that no one could cross-examine.

TIP: Seek the Lord this week to find out if you need more educational training in your field and more endowment of the Holy Spirit to apply what you have learn.



Lordess Shabazz is a Christian woman who absolutely loves Jesus and blogging about Him. She focuses on biblical womanhood and Christian stewardship. She's also a Sunday school teacher, servant leadership instructor, Veggie Tales enthusiast, and cheesecake connoisseur.