Brittney Moses

7 Signs it’s a Mission God’s Calling You To

Brittney Moses
7 Signs it’s a Mission God’s Calling You To

Unashamed Impact was birthed in hardcore prayer for my depraved and hurting peers on a daily basis. Every time I thought about the idea of UI I couldn’t stop moving, reading, sharing, empowering and pressing forward with it. It was like I was just hardwired for this mission God had put on my heart. I didn’t know how else to explain it but the fact that I felt a tug on my life toward this vision and I had to do it. I had to do it. I don’t know why I was the one pulled into it but I couldn’t imagine spending my life doing anything other than being a laborer in building the lives of my generation. Maybe you feel God is calling you into an area of ministry, or to start your own business/organization or maybe just taking that next step of leadership somewhere in your life and there’s a heaviness on your heart about it. Here are a few signs it may be a mission Gods calling you to:  


1. It requires sacrifice.

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrew 13:16 All throughout the bible we see memoirs of God calling out ordinary people into extraordinary ventures that require a great sacrifice- whether that be moving their family, giving up their familiar lifestyles or risking their lives period. Great purpose will always equal a great amount of sacrifice because every God-inspired leader is first a servant to the assignment.  A great measure of our heart is invested. An exchange of the most inner part of our life goes with it but it always returns with a priceless fulfillment that money can’t buy. Many times you’ll find yourself going the extra-extra mile financially, with your time and with perseverance. Such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Side note: There’s a thing to be said about balance. It’s also not healthy to run ourselves ragged and neglect the other important aspects of life like our close relationships and personal health- spiritually, mentally and physically. We want to service God not make the service an idol in itself.  


2. It requires a leap of faith and is much bigger than you.

A God vision always requires the power of God to come to fulfillment. The whole point is that He gets the glory. If everything was in our own strength and doing then we’d lose witness to the miraculous power of God. It usually requires an element of faith and pushes you outside of your comfort zone challenging you to trust in Him alone at some point along the way. It takes more than most are willing to dedicate to. And that fear will either hold you back from ever achieving anything or you’ll push past it with courage and let God be God in the fruition of this work- making a way where there may presently be no way. I can’t tell you how many opportunities and doors God has opened to excel vision’s He’s given me that shouldn’t have happened the way they did. He is faithful.  


3. It's ultimately for the well-being of others.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. - Philippians 2:4 If life was just about you or me then why even have other people on the planet? Right? God’s plan for us is never just about us. And we see that consistent through all of scripture. It was always about uplifting the life of others and setting them free. His second most important command is that we love people after loving Himself. God doesn’t hand out self-centered plans, that doesn’t align with his nature or his commands. If the vision God’s given you pours out love, wisdom and purpose into the lives of others in some way, there’s a good sign He’s calling you to it. Always do a self-check. Why do I want to do this? What am I trying to glorify? Am I trying to build an empire to my own name? Who am I helping?  


4. It aligns with the passions and skills he’s already planted within you.

The talents and skills within you that you naturally excel in are God-given and there for a reason. It’s all about how you use them. If the duties you’re being called to flow through you like breathing or second nature, it could all be a part of God’s plan since He planted them in you. If a fire burns within you every time you think about it, there’s a chance he put that fire within you. Our calling is usually determined by our make-up as God has intentionally shaped us to carry out the plan He has for our lives.  


5. It doesn’t contradict His word.

"Anyone who isn't with me opposes me, and anyone who isn't working with me is actually working against me.” - Matthew 12:30 This is vital. God is never going to call us to something that is outside of His will or goes against His word. That would be contradictory. It wouldn’t make sense for God to call someone to open up a strip club or make music about murder and the love of money because everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matt. 5:28) and the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils (1 Tim. 6:10). Which is where I’ve wondered why half of these artist get on a stage thanking “God” for work He was never in! Self check, what does God’s word say about what I’m being led to and what is the motive behind it?  


6. When you pray about it He gives you a solid peace about it and a stirring .

Always use this in full context with the previous point 5 because it’s not about an emotional basis of decision making. Whenever I need clarity on something from God my prayer is always, God if this is of you please give me a peace deep down in my soul and stir my heart for this. If it’s not of you disturb me, send your witnesses and help me to discern the differenceI want to know your plan for me. That’s a prayer that’s never gone unanswered for me and it does take a spiritual maturity of being in tune with your own spirit. If you find yourself at ultimate peace with God every time you think about this plan, it aligns with His word and it’s followed by a stirring to press through with action, there’s a good chance God may be calling you to it.  


7. You feel fulfilled in it no matter how hard.

No matter what it takes, how long it takes or how hard it is you have to do this because deep down there’s this solid sense that you were made for this and couldn’t imagine not doing so. There’s a soul fulfillment in pursuing the things God’s called us to. It’s not a feeling on a whim that’s here one day and gone the next. It’s not a hype of emotions. It’s something you have to do. Nobody else may understand your level of passion for this thing and that’s okay, it’s not for them. It’s for you.   

What is it that you feel God leading you toward in life? I’d love to hear more about it! Comment below.  

Brittney Moses is passionate about seeing this generation live on purpose. In June 2012 the Los Angeles native founded this worldwide organization called Unashamed Impact encouraging young leaders to rise to their calling and be proactive in their cities through leadership development and community outreach.