6 Ways To Grow Closer To God

We always seek to grow in our personal relationships with others. It’s natural; we’re naturally inclined to seek approval and acceptance from those around us. What’s natural as well, however, is our inclination to grow in a relationship with our Creator.

God equipped us with the yearning to grow closer to him. So why don’t we? Well, some of us spend most of our time seeking approval through social media. Others have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow them to spend time with God. Most just don’t take that extra step and their just isn’t any excuse behind it outside of being lazy.

So how can we overcome our downfalls? I got you covered! Here are 6 Ways To Grow Closer To God!

Go To God Before Anyone Else

Oftentimes whether we’re facing trials, tribulations, or just waking up in the morning, we go to everyone except our Father. We’ll be quick to pick up the phone and text our friends or relationship partners for advice. When we wake up in the morning, we’re more focused on responding to emails and social media DM’s than we are to drop to a knee and spend a few minutes with God.

This is that Houston We Have A Problem moment. We should prioritize God before anything and anyone. This prioritization ensures we’re emotionally healthy before interacting with people for the day or even ensuring that we have the RIGHT answer to our question.  Meet with God throughout your day, its well worth the time invested!

Get Into God’s Word Daily

You can’t truly understand nor develop a relationship with God if you don’t open your bible a few times! Try opening your bible, daily, whether it’s to do an in-depth bible study or to read the context of a verse you received. There is plenty of resources you can use such as BibleGateway.com that give tons of daily bible verses, reading plans, devotionals and other things that can get you started on your bible reading journey.

Have a sit down and question, “What do I want to accomplish in my relationship with God?” Afterwards, set goals and set a plan into action to accomplish those goals. Reading your bible is both a way to grow with God and to improve yourself!

Get Involved With a Church or Bible Study Group

Seriously, having a group of fellow believers and supporters can be tremendous to your growth. They will push you like no other and hold you accountable for your actions. You’re able to share experiences as well as have a shoulder to lean on when you need it most. They will continually help you cultivate your relationship with God and in this fact; community is definitely needed on your trek to a better relationship with God.

Start A Journal

This is one idea I’m very anxious about starting! Get a notebook and designate it as your Thoughts With God Journal. Use it as your voice, a physical representation of everything you want to tell God. You can write prayers down or just talk about your daily goings. Just be honest! The writing will be therapeutic and just being able to physical work off steam will be beneficial. You could also keep a track record of the blessings or answered prayers that have come into fruition.

Remove Yourself From Toxic Relationships

This is a truly tough tip here, as we oftentimes don’t want to disassociate with someone we care about but backing away from toxic relationships could be the biggest roadblock we face. Whether it’s friends, coworkers, boyfriend/girlfriend or whomever it may be, choosing to disassociate from unhealthy conversations or behaviors can be liberating. You’ll have the freedom to truly go to God in whatever manner possible and feel at total peace. Just think about it, that negative energy isn’t worth it.

Pray And Make It A Priority To Pray More

Prayer is your direct communication line to God! Admit to yourself that you can’t do it alone and just give it all to God. Pray your heart out, whether it’s just going to praise his name or come to him with a problem. Treat prayer as though it’s your oxygen, you can’t live without oxygen and you most certainly can’t live without prayer.


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