7 Clean Date Ideas For Christian Couples

Netflix and chill has become our generation’s anthem but for Christians, the implications of such an event are far more non-negotiable (unless you’re married). It leaves young Christians scrambling, trying to find unique date ideas that are clean, entertaining, Christ centered and fresh.

I found a lot of ideas, online, that were practical but many were simplistic in nature. I wanted to go a bit more in depth and put a little more thought on what I’d do with a partner. Once you really get down to thinking about it, the challenge of planning a clean, fun date is too fun and some really creative ideas are born. Here are 7 Clean Date Ideas For Christian Couples.  

(The Skill level is just in fun, disregard!)

“Can I Get An Amen” Special

Desired Skill Level: Intermediate

There is no better way to center Christ in a relationship than to have a Bible study date night! For our generation, this may be a bit hard with all of the media and tech. lying around but I encourage you to shut off all cell phones, televisions, and laptops and center your attention on the bible. Plan ahead, pick out some really great plans or scripture and go for it!

Food Suggestion: The focus of this date night needs to be on God and growing your relationship through him, so make something simple. Try healthy snacks if you go this route. If you need a little bit more substance, find some really good Crock-Pot recipes (Link Link #2 One of my Faves ) or make some finger foods!

Scoping The World Through a Lens

Desired Skill Level: Beginner

Grab a backpack, make a few sandwiches, take a few bottles of water and make sure you have backup batteries for your camera as you take a tour of the local sites and sounds! Go on a photo date, taking pictures of yourself and your partner, cozied up in cool places around town or just take pictures in general. You could make a cool scrapbook using these photos as well!

Food Suggestion: Pack light! One cool suggestion I could make is to make simple wraps. Grab tortilla wraps, place a bit of ranch on the bottom followed by a few slices of your favorite sandwich meat, (optional: cook or warm precooked bacon and place on top), followed by some of your favorite cheese and veggies. Wrap it, place it in foil and you have a really simple sandwich wrap for on-the-go fun! Grab some water bottles and a small, cartable cooler that fits in your backpack and viola! 

Let’s Go Team, Let’s Go!

Desired Skill Level: Lazy Beginner 

This would be a GREAT idea for a first date or a date in which you just really want to focus on your partner. Scope out some athletic events around town OR nearby that is easily accessible. Not that big of a sports fan? Try finding plays or other entertainment venues and try those out as well but as a sport fan, I highly recommend you trying the sports option. It’s full of energy and there’s action to take away from the already increasing pressure of impressing someone. Let someone else build the date for you!

Food Suggestion: Not going to lie, food at athletic or entertainment venues are usually high but they also offer ridiculously great food you may have never tried. While I worked for a minor league baseball team, our specialty was BBQ Nachos with freshly cooked pulled pork on top. It cost around 5-6 dollars but it was WELL worth the price. So if you have the money, try something you haven’t tried before. If not, stop at your favorite fast food place but sit inside!

Yes, We’re Geeky

Desired Skill Level: Beginner

If you’re like me, you like geeky things and being a Christian doesn’t stop it! So what are some options for the inner nerd and geek? How about a game-a-thon? Hook up the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, WII U, or even some of the oldies and go to war! For those who are a little better than their partner, choose an easy game that they can pick up. Have a competition and put something on the line, a small wager. Winner gets a shoulder massage? Loser has to wash the others car? I’m sure you can find something! Other suggestions (you can tell I’m a geek)…

·      Visit a local museum

·      Have a themed date night where you both Cosplay (dress up or make your own)

·      Grab some quarters and hit the arcade up, if there’s one nearby

·      Go to your favorite Tech store

·      Prep for the Zombie Apocalypse

·      Splurge on your favorite TV series (can be used on ALL Categories)

Food Suggestion: Let’s be honest, you’ll be too busy having fun to worry about dinner so try something simply. Crock-Pot would def. come in handy BUT you could totally pig out on pizza, Chinese/Japanese cuisine, or try your own spin on your favorite food. Oh, they also have geeky cookbooks, just saying…

Themed Date Nite

Desired Skill Level: Intermediate

This one would take a little work but the pay off would be well worth it. How about having a themed date night? Go pick up your favorite movie (or pull it out of the shelf if you already have it), and maybe build a theme off that? Star Wars fan? Have a Star Wars date night for two! Maybe have food themed after characters etc. You could even get involved in dressing up or maybe re-enacting your favorite scenes from the movie. What about a music themed night? You could play a certain style of music that coincides with what you’re cooking. Cooking up some awesome Mexican food? Salsa music, to get your boogey on! How about writing love letters to one another using only music lyrics or quotes from your favorite movie?

Food Suggestion:  Go with your gut on this one! Try modeling whatever you cook after the theme. So let’s say you have a Mexican theme, try some legit Mexican based recipes and try something new!

Draw The Battle Lines!

Desired Skill Level: Beginner

This one is for my competitors! Find your way to the nearest go-kart track or laser tag arena! You could also pull out board games or even try battle it out in the back yard with water guns! Whatever you do, have fun. It can even be a game of basketball or catch. It’ll give you enough time to laugh, talk, and crack a rib at the attempts you both make to trash talk.

Food Suggestion: If you’re doing something at home, do something easy. Maybe cook some great wings and homemade dipping sauce. You could also make your own pizza, healthy of course! Put together a picnic using fresh fruit and veggies. Throw in a few small food items that you made or picked up from the store. Heck, you could even do a small BBQ and make some Kabobs?  If you’re going out, choose a great sit down styled restaurant and talk about who won or lost over a great meal!

Spot Me Bro

Desired Skill Level: Beginner 

Simple, yet great; How about working out together? You could ride bikes to your favorite spot to get ice cream or maybe hit the gym up and encourage one another. Bet you never thought a workout could lead to a date! You could also go on a light hike or walk trails and enjoy the scenery!

Food Suggestion: Well you don’t want to waste a good workout so how about hitting up your favorite smoothie place or maybe grabbing some yogurt and the local shop?

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