5 Ways To Show Thanks This Thanksgiving

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be so ungrateful to the things that God has blessed me with.  When the holiday season comes, I get caught up in the things that I don’t have rather than the things that sit right in front of me.  I’ll sit there and get to thinking, wow, Lord you’ve blessed me so tremendously yet it’s so easy for me to sit here and forget; taking it all for granted. On the other hand, sometimes it’s hard to not be down for those who are no longer celebrating the holidays with us.

Whatever it may be, I’m here to tell you that there are so many reasons to be thankful.  Here is a list of 5 ways to show thanks this Thanksgiving!

Appreciate God’s Beautiful Creation

Look at the environment around you and all that’s in it.  The birds fly, swiftly and carefree.  The wind interacts with the flowers in the field, softly carrying leaves across the road.  It all works in unison and the portion we always forget is ourselves.  God has created us in his perfect image.  If you’re reading this, you woke up this morning.  You have breathe in your body.  You may not be where you want to be but God is still perfect in his plans for us.  You have something waiting on you that’s only for you and that’s reason enough to be happy.  God has appropriated joy for us.  He is the reason for all joy in our lives.  Be thankful in knowing that he loves us so much that he sent his only son to die, just so he could build a relationship with us.  You’re that loved.  

“Consider the lilies of the field … Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these” (Matthew 6:28-29)

Don’t Believe Thankfulness is Based On Circumstances

Our happiness and thanks should not be based on the notion that thankfulness is based on “circumstances.”  As followers of Christ, thanksgiving is a way of live.  God gives 3 antidotes for everything.  Prayer, petition, and thanksgiving.  That’s just how important it is to give thanks.  

I understand, it’s hard to perfectly balance the world’s struggles along with being thankful for things that God has put in your life.  Like wow, this week has been so hard because(insert circumstance), so how am I suppose to give thanks?  The creator of Psalms, David, does this perfectly.  Throughout Psalms, David manages emotional ups and downs with the perfect response…giving thanks to God.  He knew perfectly that, a lifestyle based on thanksgiving places our heart back on God and not circumstances. Deeply root yourself in thanking God!

“Rejoice in the Lord always! I will say it again: rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4)

Have A No Complaint Zone

Don’t allow yourself to complain during the holiday season.  I know it can be hard, things happen and that feeling in your heart just sinks you low.  God, however, tell us to constantly watch our mouths however.  The ability to master our mouths and tame our tongue is a task that requires spiritual and emotional maturity, but it’s doable.  Examine your thoughts and remove all complaining!  Speak positive words, ones that communicate affirmation and comfort.

Find creative ways to not complain but offer thanksgiving to God.  Maybe create a negativity box.  Each time you have a negative thought, write it on a piece of paper and throw it in the box.  At the end of the holiday season, burn it or throw it away.  Let go of those burdens and lean on God.

Be The Reason

We all know someone out there who needs a pick-me-up.  Whether its a friend who is dealing with family loss or maybe an exhausted coworker, pick them up.  Lift their spirits by being a shining example of everything Christ embodied.  Sometimes, we need that a friend or complete stranger to just show us the way when all is dark.  Be that reason for someone; the reason that lifts their head and shows them the light.

Understanding, God Promised Us

While reading a bible study resource, I ran across the familiar phrase that “God has promised us so much.”  It was one of those days where I noticed something that I’d never noticed before.  God never goes back on his promises and he’s promised us so much!  He promised us freedom from anxiety and peace that transcends all (Philippians 4: 6-7).  God promised that he would take care of all our needs (Philippians 4:19).  God promised us joy (John 15:11).  Take heart and be thankful that you can open your bible and see a promise God has coming your way!