5 Selfless New Year's Resolutions

Ah, it’s that time of year again.  New Year’s resolution articles, blogs, videos, and social media posts are running amok. Your friend has made you fork over gym membership money.  You’ve seen the thousandth video on how someone plans to make 2016 “their year.” You see countless engagements or pure vitriol towards the opposite sex that’s ruined your previous year, causing countless “I’m doing me” resolutions. I get it, you’re either totally sick of it OR you’re the one plotting (I won’t tell if you don’t).

Myself, I’ve always stayed away from the resolution fad.  I don’t know it was something about it that always threw me off.  Recently, however, I took a look at it from another viewpoint.  Being a marketing graduate, we always looked at things from a goals and results standpoint.  If you’re going to be a successful business, you have to measure your level of success, failure, or both.  Looking at resolutions, they’re a great measuring stick for our year.

Having said that, I think when tweaked to our personal faith and walk with Christ, resolutions are perfect.  Many resolutions, as is, are self-centered or the by-product of vain, flesh-pleasing ambitions.  You have things like getting that 6-pack of abs to show off/look good or stacking as much financial security as you can, dollar-dollar bills y’all?  But what if we cater our resolutions to pleasing God or living our life to being Christ-like?  What if we started exercising, not for the vain by-product, but to ensure we’re healthy and can physical carry the load God gives us? Physically play with your kids or spreading God’s word? What if we gave made resolutions that not only helped us but also helped others?

That’s why I’m writing this article, to get your mind focus on things other than just self!  Here are 5 Selfless New Year’s Resolutions for the New Year. 

Disconnect then Reconnect

I know so many articles have preached what I’m about to say but hear me out.  We’ve become obsessed with technology and social media, so much so that normal interactions are a fading thing. Our personal conversations now take place over technology. 

Tell me you’ve had that conversation with someone when they’re texting and their answers are sounds or grunts; maybe a few words but you can tell they’re not listening.  Disconnect for a bit and give start reconnecting, personally. Reconnect to the world through the vision of your eyes, not the scope of a screen. 

Pray More  

In the New Year, how about focusing more on building a better spiritual footprint with God.  Instead of just praying once, make it an ongoing conversation throughout the day.  Become so engrained in prayer that you can’t live without it, just as Daniel.  Also, start actually praying for others when you say it.  We fall into that repetitive motion of saying, “Hey, I’m praying for you” and never get around to it.  As soon as you say you’re praying for someone, take a moment and do just that. 

Reduce the Complaining

We spend so much time singing should’ve, could’ve, would’ve while life passes us by.  Why do we complain when it gets us nowhere?  Seriously, think of how many instances in the past year you spent complaining and it, in no way, helped the situation.  Let go and be grateful; breathe in a sigh of relief and then keep it moving.  You can’t change what’s happened but you can surely make the best of it.  Replace the complaining with thoughts of thankfulness.

Focus More on Him, And Less on You

This one is simple; start living an obedient life for Christ.  Listen, as much as you think this life is all about you, it isn’t.  There are uncountable amounts of people in this world and they’re just as cherished by God as you are.  Understand, God is above all and he is the focal point of life so act as such.  Dedicate yourself to spreading his word or helping his people.  Spend more time mentoring, teaching or simply serving.

Focus on Your Personal Struggles

All you have to do is take a trip to Twitter or just listen to people and you’d be surprised at just how many things are wrong.  It expands from ailments to heartache; a lack of fulfillment in areas of their life or something that’s just not right.  Why not just use this year to define what your flaws are or maybe what you’re dealing with in your waking life and take care of it.

For those who are dealing with bad relationships or things surrounding relationships/friendships, maybe this is the year that God calls you to a single season to focus on yourself and a relationship with him. To Grow. Listen, I mean this with all the love and support I can give.  If you’re still screaming:

All men are…(insert offensive adjective or offensive attribute)
All women are…(insert offensive adjective or offensive attribute)

If that’s still coming out of your mouth and you’re over the age of 20…well…Jesus take the wheel.  Maybe your choices are wrong and you’re drowning out God?  Maybe God is telling you that cute guy isn’t good for the long haul or that girl on Instagram, wearing yoga pants, really doesn’t work out and you’re setting yourself up for sin.  But hey, I’m not going to preach.  I’m just going to sip my tea and chill.

Happy New Years!