5 Characteristics of A Godly Man


My reasoning behind this topic is something that has ground-my-gears for years (cue Peter Griffin voice); especially in today’s society.  I’ve heard countless definitions from both women and men; the definitions I got, well…they were a tad bit scary. 

From the women, the answers I received where more of the machismo variety.  You know the stunningly handsome, cologne wearing man that would go Floyd Mayweather on any guy who tests them.  From the men, I received more of the “what do I have to show I’m a man” answer.  You know, stunting in the car with a phone full of interested “Christian” girls a text away and the money to back up any bet.  Yea…

So here and now, we Christian men have a voice as to what truly makes the most important man; a man after God’s own heart and we not talking King David! Okay, that was an attempt at humor and/or a flashback of a freestyle rap but here are 5 Characteristics of a Godly Man!

Submissive and Prayerful to God

I believe this characteristic to be one of extreme importance.  Listen men, if you can’t become submissive and fully surrender yourself in prayer to God, no matter what you do you’ll never bear fruit of any importance.  The greatest MEN of the bible made a habit of being submissive and praying.  King David, a man after God’s own heart; Daniel, whom couldn’t go one day without praying to God, needing it as much as air!

You can’t lead anything, especially relationships, if you can’t even submit and become obedient to God in prayer.  Be so engrained in God that someone must first seek God in order to find you.  That means the ladies too fellas.  Instead of Netflix and chill you need to see about some bible study and church, but I’ll sip that tea #GodBeWatching #RelationshipGoals.

Full of Integrity, Our Word is Our Bond

As I got older, my stepdad stressed the importance of being a man of your “word.”  A morally correct man that stands on every principle God has defined.  As men, our word is our bond.  Our word is the epitome and embodiment of Christ.  A Godly man walks with Christ as his compass and letting his words be directed by the Spirit.

Be honest men.  Don’t lead someone on with manipulative words or be afraid to step on a few toes when it’s the right and honorable thing to do.  

Hardworking; No Superfluous, Lazy Behavior

“The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing; But the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.”  Proverbs 13:4

A man after God’s own heart is one that doesn’t sit idle.  Instead of working hard, the trend has become to “work smart” which oftentimes means to do as little work as possible, expecting great reward.  Proverbs 13:4 states the direct opposite of this.  God says that, “The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing.”  Men, wake up and be diligent.  Work for the Lord in everything you do but by no means should you be a sluggard!

Let’s look at Adam, the FIRST man, who is often forgotten for his handiwork.  Adam was the quintessential example of what a man is expected to be.  Adam had purpose, fellowshipped with God, walked with God.  He had a job, tilling the ground and naming the animals. 

Walk in Authority

“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, ‘All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.’” Matthew 28:18

Jesus’ words were that ALL power was given to him.  So how does this apply to us?  We’re called to be representatives of Christ, sharing in the kingdom he established on Earth as heirs (Gal. 4:7; Rom. 8:17).  Therefore this calls us to also walk in the same authority as Christ. 

Through the church, we have the keys to the kingdom and with that type of authority; we have to responsibly take care of this privilege.  We have the authority to execute God’s plan to the fullest extent of his will.  We have the authority to bind and loose, to effectively fight against Satan’s onslaught.  As long as our plans and agenda are in line with God’s, our authority is fully established.   

Lead, both in Character and as the Head of The Family

This is a characteristic we’ve been failing at.  As men, we’ve been shying away from leadership roles, whether it is as fathers, church/community leaders, or the head of relationships.  Honestly, this can be attributed to so many different factors such as not having that example to build upon within your personal relationships or community. 

Instead of looking to God, reading the word and learning from the great leaders in our faith, we either choose not to lead or let others dictate our actions.  We should be the direct opposite of this.  King Solomon had one of the greatest leaders as a father but he still built his own path when he asked God to give him wisdom to lead OUR people.  God found so much pleasure in this.

Men, God called you to lead.  To be that upstanding man of character from which your children, your community, your spouse, or your peers cannot only depend upon but also learn from.  Be that direct reflection of Christ; one that carved his own path using the wisdom of God but also not being afraid to be humble.

Special thanks to the UI Men's Ministry for helping me build this list!  If you're interested in joining the UI Men's Ministry, please contact me here  or on Twitter @ WhoDatGeek