Charles Carter

3 Ways To Lead Before You’re A Leader

Charles Carter
3 Ways To Lead Before You’re A Leader

 We see all of these influential people who command a room.  They have that “it” factor where they say XYZ and everyone nods and gives their best effort.  It gets you to wondering, how can I get there? I've compiled a list of 3 things that help mold a leader before they have a stage to stand on.


1.     Be Okay With Following

“But whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant” Matthew 20:26

As the verse above states, you must first be a servant before you are great.  Our society today has changed drastically.  As I’ve heard it stated, “There are too many chiefs.”  No one is really willing to sit back and learn.  Here’s the thing, how do you expect to learn if you haven’t shown your peers you’re willing take the same lumps as they would. 

Growing up as an athlete, my peers and I always held in high esteem those who’d been former athletes in our respective sports.  They knew the ins and outs of the game.  They’d played through pain or knew the agony of defeat.  More importantly, they knew what it was like to be one of us.  This is part of the intrigue that made them greater leaders.

Don’t be afraid to fly under the wings of someone greater until you’re ready.  Our society is so bent on right now but be different.  Demand quality over quickness.  Being a follower not only teaches but also helps garner the respect of everyone.  Remember 1 Timothy 3:1, “whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.”


2.    Be Positive and Reinforce Support

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” 1 Corinthians 11:1

That verse is so telling!  Look at the example Christ was. Christ embodied positivity.  He saw the best in everyone and pulled that from them.  He communed with sinners, prostitutes and the homeless.  He was so great at that, his name alone reverberated positivity.  People would hear his name and be uplifted.

Christ was also great at supporting others.  He empowered his disciples to step out on faith but anytime they fell, he was there to reassure.  Remember when Peter became afraid and started sinking while walking to Jesus, on the water?  Even though Peter showed a lack of faith, Jesus stood over him and pulled him up.

To be a great leader, we must learn these two attributes.  We have to learn how to be positive when all odds are against us.  Some people thrive on that but it takes others a bit more time.  Learn how to be positive because others are watching.  They see you’re nuances and quirks; they want to see if they can trust you to excel when everything is going against you. 

Lastly, be supportive.  Philippians 2:3 states, “do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves.”  Become selfless and support your peers!  Let go of any selfishness and become humble. Understand its better to stand united than to stand alone.


3.    Unleash Your Inner Creativity!

Put simply, learn how to think outside the box.  Long gone are the days where there was a set formula in place of what a leader looked like. Get creative with how you interact and think.  Find different ways to solve problems and don’t wait to take on the problem, be the first to move! 

Think about some of the leaders we've seen the last few years.  Steve Jobs had an idea and he went with it.  He turned a simple personal computer into a must have because he let his inner creativity go.  His personal computer became the world’s “must-have.”  He was able to take our dreams and communicate them perfectly, whether it was a phone or music device; computer or brand. 

My point is to just get creative with your ideas.  Find a way to stand apart from the crowd, be different.  In a society that fears change; a society that wants to look like someone else, you will stand out like the blazing fire God meant you to be.  You’re ideas don’t have to be ground-breaking, but they need to be “You.”  Let it go, be yourself, let loose and enjoy the journey!


I hope these items have helped.  I know they aren't groundbreaking or necessarily new but my purpose is to keep stretching your mind and make you think.  Take the foundation I’ve given and expound upon it.  As always family, much love! 

Charles Carter