10 Ways to Impact Your City in 2014

Matthew 25:35-40(NKJV)For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; 36 I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.


Unashamed Impact Kenya at a local orphanage.

As most of you know with Unashamed Impact I have a huge heart for acting as Gods hands and feet in our world. And that begins with each of us playing our part as a body by reaching out to our communities. I dont only believe its "ideal" but that its the responsibility of EVERY Christian to touch the lives of those around them. That being said, I've compiled some awesome ways to serve your community! I tried to think of pretty simple things that would be free to most cost efficient. Whether thats as a church or grabbing a few of your friends, dont go into the new year without making the solid decision to live a life of love, generosity, compassion, service and sacrifice. Amen? Amen!



Unashamed Impact South Africa 2012

1. Mentorship

Give some of your time to tutor children at a school in your area. Mentor a child/teen in your community or in your church. (Fellas! There are fatherless boys out there that need strong male guidance. You could be the one to alter the course of their life.)[space_20]


2. Feed the Homeless

Put together sack lunches and/or special dinners throughout the year and give to the homeless. (Check your city restrictions. Not all city laws allow you to give out food for safety reasons.) Or be an extra set of hands at your local church or pantry! Help pass out and prepare meals.[space_20]


3. Build a home

Partner with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for someone in need![space_20]


4. Host a Parents Night out

Make plans at your local church or recreational center with a group of others on the weekend. Provide snacks, games, and a movie for the kids. (For fun make it a pajama night!) Give the parents a much needed date night and the single moms/dads a break. Take it a step further- Charge $5 at the door and use the money you collected for another outreach project![space_20]



5. Spend time with the elderly

Its great to be on fire about our rising generation but lets not forget about the ones who got us here! They receive an emotionally rewarding experience that cant be bought or sold anywhere when we are givers of our time and love! Locate a senior home near you and see how you can get involved![space_20]


6. Do a community/beach trash clean up

Lets not forget who created this Earth and how good it was. Lets be good stewards of what Gods created for us.[space_20]


7. Visit/Volunteer at a hospital

Serve free coffee, energy drinks, and snacks to staff and those waiting in the emergency room or sign up to volunteer. *Related* Think about potentially volunteering with your local Red Cross for emergency crisis.[space_20]


8. Be a light to those in prison/jail

No life is beyond the reach of Gods grace and that includes inmates. Find a church or organization in your area thats engaged in Prison Ministry and the requirements to get involved. (They usually require background checks, finger printing, etc so be ready for the process though it will be worth it.)[space_20]


9. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Pay for the persons meal or coffee in line behind behind you. Help a struggling person with groceries to their car. Give a homeless person a gift card to a restaurant. Put money in an expired parking meter. Let someone go ahead of you in line. When you receive good service, tell that persons manager or boss. Help someone who is broken down on the side of the road. Help someone move into their new place. The list goes on and on. Imagine if the body of Christ operated like this consistently![space_20]


My last time doing loads of love in Grand Prairie, TX with Courageous Church

10. Loads of Love

Plan a day to go to a nearby laundromat and help others load, wash and fold their clothes. Not everyone will welcome it but those who do deeply appreciate it. Dont forget to pray with them when done.


Ways to Reach the WORLD:

  • Sponsor a Child in another country- Change the life of a child in need (WorldVision, Compassion)
  • Support The Persecuted Church- Donate, Write letters, buy them Bibles (The Voice of the Martyrs)
  • Become an advocate for sex trafficking- Donate, Write letters, volunteer with a sex trafficking organization and join the fight against injustice (A21 Campaign)


I was so excited to finally write this post. Nothing fuels me like impacting the world and meeting the needs of others. Consider taking on at least one of these missions this year and if you do let me know about it! I'd love to hear how everything went. Your sister, Brittney Moses


Brittney Moses is passionate about seeing this generation live on purpose. In June 2012 the Los Angeles native founded this worldwide organization called Unashamed Impact encouraging young leaders to rise to their calling and be proactive in their cities through leadership development and community outreach.