Charles Carter

10 Ways to Enjoy an Epic, Budget Friendly, Summer

Charles Carter
10 Ways to Enjoy an Epic, Budget Friendly, Summer

Whether you’re out of school or just looking to spend some time away from the daily grind, the pressure is on to find the perfect summer plan!  Ah, the lists are starting to pour in and I’m sure you’ve read quite a few by now for giggles and laughs.  So what makes my list fun?  Psh, because I’m writing it! I joke, I joke! 

My purpose is just to push the ole noggin into thinking and creating ideas.  Get out, be different, and enjoy your summer how YOU want to.


1.     Take A Pilgrimage Away From Social Media

Okay please listen before you click away from the article because I know I just lost half the audience!  I think we’ve gotten to the point that we’re so inclined to focus on losing twitter followers or following snapchat stories, we forget to live our own lives.  In order to take advantage of any summer plan, you have to disconnect for a while.  Stop looking at photos or videos of others enjoying a “memorable” summer and make your own memories!


2.    Invest In A Creative Idea

Summer is usually when you have ample amounts of time, either because you’re out of school or it’s too hot at certain times of the day to do anything.  Take full advantage of this!  Get out a notebook or put together a binder and start cranking out ideas or building whatever concoction your heart desires. 

Always wanted to be an entrepreneur?  Great, put on something comfy and get your behind in Books-A-Million or Barnes & Nobles.  They have coffee to fuel your work; comfortable furniture to chill; tons of books to learn; and ample amounts of free Wi-Fi to either research or reach out.  Invest in your idea.  You have to start somewhere, why not in the summer?  It doesn’t have to be a business; it could be anything you’ve ever wanted to do.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had to start somewhere right?


3.    Be Apart of A Cause

You don’t have to be an activist but you got to get the heck out of here and be a part of a cause! Am I right? Delve deep into something you care about.  Volunteer at a local soup kitchen; help raise money for cancer; be a part of the youth group at church or the growing Unashamed Impact (cough).  Whatever it is, be a part of something that makes a difference!  The world needs you and if you have a chance, let them borrow you for just a second.


4.    Build A YouTube Empire

Okay, I know I said run from social media but hear me out.  Instead of admiring others fun times, why don’t you make your own memories?  While you’re doing so, why don’t you also document them?  Do something you love.  Travel or have fun with a hobby you like and share!  When you’ve taken all your pictures or captured all you’re videos, get you a nice glass of juice and get your editing on and wham, share with the world to inspire others.


5.    Netflix Marathon or Themed Netflix Party?!

Don’t act like you don’t do Netflix or know someone who does!  Why not use your spare time to catch up on shows or make it a social event?  I’m thinking Throwback Thursday where everyone dresses up in whatever time period the movie was made.  Where all my 80’s babies at?  Give me the headband and stylish jacket and I’m reading to watch Breakin’, get my Turbo on!


6.    Get Your Workout On

Forget a new years resolution and toned beach body, why not just use the summer to get healthy for your on benefit?  You have enough time to research and put a great cooking/workout plan together that fits you well.  Get healthy, you’re body will thank you!


7.    Grab A Book Series

It seriously seems that reading has become a lost art.  Usually they’re cliff notes or other aides that allow us to get around reading but don’t take the easy way!  Pick up a lovely book and learn.  A book would definitely help with #2 & #6.

Find a new movie that’s releasing that you really want to see and read the books.  Get so far ahead you become THE leading expert!  Seriously though, try it.


8.    Concert, Live Music, Just Disappear In Music

How about going to a concert or music festival during the summer?  Find a great band or artist and enjoy.  There is nothing better than live music and others who share your same love.  If you’re not the concert type, find a local festival or live band and just try something new!  Still not your style, well find some really great albums and download them; find a really great pair of headphones and hit me up when you come out of tranquility!


9.    Get Your Travel On

I know it’s not always conducive to everyone’s budget to travel.  If you have the means, by all means go.  If not, that’s okay too.  We just have to get a bit more imaginative!  Take a day trip to a different city or area nearby.  Make your own lunch or dinner and take your own bottles of water (I have a killer Turkey/Bacon wrap recipe if you want), just get creative!


10. Get Out, Enjoy, Minister

My last point has been the sentiment found throughout this blog and that’s to just get out and breathe!  I think a creative way to make this even more productive is to be a disciple for God and spread the word!  If you don’t like going out and doing that alone, this is where you can join youth groups or grab a cause and be a disciple!  Just enjoy, that’s all I’d love to see come from this!  As always family, love you guys!   

Charles Carter