A Generation After God's Heart

Our response to the annual survey of 2016

This year’s Unashamed Impact Annual Survey has given us insight into where our generation is in their walk and we are incredibly grateful for every individual who has participated. You are making a difference. We wanted to use this part of the survey to summarize some of our key findings and how we can apply what we now know to our mission. Our hope is that this will also be helpful to other ministries and organizations that desire to impact positive change in our generation.

As we discussed in our analysis, the majority of our responders were between the ages of 23 and 30 years old. While this is a good representation of young adults, we would like to be more intentional about reaching today’s teenagers before they hit the next stage of their lives. We know that these are the pivotal years where identity is formed and this can also be a very confusing time in light of the various pressures they are facing in this world.

This year we had very few male responders, in comparison to young women. This has been an area of concern, not just in regards to our research, but in our overall experience as a ministry. We want to see more men of God step up and answer the call to leadership within the Body of Christ. Going forward, we would like to be more intentional about encouraging the confidence of young men and their faith.

Our survey also addresses the relationship between our generation and the Local Church. While we recognize that most of our audience are regular Church-goers, we are aware that a good majority of our generation is disconnected from the Body. We want to play our part in bridging the gap, by encouraging Believers to find a solid Church home, grow where they are planted and potentially get involved with serving. As an online/virtual ministry we affirm that with our current organizational state we cannot provide the full benefits of Christian fellowship, as a Local Church body can.

Our lifestyle questions were directed towards revealing the everyday struggles of today’s Christians. In Lifestyle Q.1, drinking and profanity were the top 2 struggles. Lifestyle Q.2 results uncovered depression, pornography, and insecurity as major hardships faced by Believers. We want to act on these results by fostering the In-Christ identity of our audience, and showing them that they are never too far off for God to renew their minds and hearts. We also want to encourage others in ministry to never assume that people are “okay”. Be intentional about reaching out and providing a safe place for others to confide in, because many are facing struggles we know nothing about.

We recognize the limitations of our research survey. For example, our results are a majority representation of those who are within the Unashamed Impact ministry or follow our efforts online via Facebook and Twitter. We also understand that this survey is hopefully reliant on the honesty and integrity of those who submitted answers. However, this still provides good, common insight into what this generation of Christians are facing in their walk and is worth taking into consideration.

With Love,

Dylan & Brittney