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The Unashamed Impact Christian Research Program is designed to provide our organization with the specific information our team uses to guide our global missions.  

Our Goals

Our intentions with the research we conduct and the information we gather is to apply it to our various missions:

Bringing awareness to current issues involving the Body of Christ.
Using the data we collect to encourage young Believer’s faith.

How we conduct research

We conduct our research with very specific, yet simple strategies. 

1. Starting Conversation

The first step to our research process is to spark conversation. The converstation is geared to towards initiating a current topic, theme, or issue about Christianity and the different aspects of our faith. 

2. Developing Questions

We develop the specific questions toward the topic, theme, or issue that we'd like to gather our information from, so that we can apply it to our missions. 

3. Creating A Survey

Our surveys are usually created through Google Surveys, an easy platform for participants to respond to the questions we've developed. 

4. Using Social Media | Unashamed Impact Members & Staff

Using our presence on social media, we broadcast our surveys to all. Anyone is able to respond. We try our best to broadcast our surveys as wide as possible, to generate a diverse response to our questions. 

We also push our surveys out to our members and staff. 

5. Gather & Share

Our team usually allows a few weeks to pass before we end survey responding. We then gather all of the information, and share the results on our website for anyone who's interested in viewing or using the collected data. 


As an organization, how we gather the information is key. As a ministry, how we use the information is even more important. We are passionate about applying all of the data we collect to our mission, to foster the spiritual growth of Believers all over the world. 

Our Campaigns

Our campaigns are worldwide viral events carried out primarily through our social media networks to bring the body of young believers into unity for a cause or an event, such as:

Our Blogs

Our blog is a huge part of the way we respond to our research. Our Blog Team uses the information gathered from our research to guide their writing, to encourage our worldwide audience in their faith. 

Our Current and Future Operations 

Unashamed Impact has current and future plans to geared towards uniting The Body of Christ and fostering the spiritual growth of Believers all over the world. The goal is to gather, equip and send out. We disciple, activate and encourage our city teams  through 4 dynamics: Fellowship, Making an Impact (Social Justice & Community Outreach), Being an Example and Evangelism.


As an organization, we have a strict policy on privacy. Our surveys are completely anonymous. Participants and their personal information will never be exploited for any reason, under any circumstance. The information will be used solely for the purposes stated above.  

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